Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tennis and Self Portrait

I'm still staying up until the wee hours watching tennis. I found the Sharapova/Kvitova match a bit of a disappointment as both racked up countless unforced errors, but I stayed up until the bitter end. I'm glad for Sharapova (she is after all more American than Russian), but a bit sad for Kvitova. I couldn't stay up to see the Federer/Nadal match (It was scheduled for 3:30 am), but am sure to catch it some time today. While watching in the wee hours and working crosswords I did a bit of sketching. I don't think these are particularly good, but am pleased that I am at least trying.

Can you tell that the long, gangly sideways sketch is Djokovic?

I also decided to try a self portrait from the photo I took yesterday instead of sitting in front of the mirror. First I tried in ink (ugh!) and then used pencil. I like the pencil sketch, but am not sure I would recognize it as myself. I think the face shape in the ink attempt is truer to mine, but overall like the pencil sketch. I just wish I really looked like the pencil sketch.

I'm spending part of the day with a good friend I haven't seen in awhile. We will do a little bit of shopping and then have lunch out. I really must get on the treadmill afterwards as I didn't do it yesterday.

We had a lovely dinner late yesterday afternoon with the son and his family. I am surely going to miss them while we are on vacation. I have my lists all made and lots of planning going on in my head, but won't actually begin to pack until the weekend.

I subscribe to 217 blogs and must say that I really enjoy all the posts and art. I'm sorry I don't always take the time to comment and sometimes when I do try to comment, blogger won't cooperate. I do so appreciate all the fine bloggers out there - yes, you are one of them.

I hope you are having a fine day and that you will find time for creativity.



  1. I like both self-portraits - using ink is going to make you more sure in less time (you can't erase so you're more careful or you just go for it and allow it to be what it is). As for me, I am sad that Roger Federer couldn't win it for my birthday :( and I won't listen to the scream-a-thon of the remaining women (can't stand that and think the WTA is a bunch of wimps not to take a stand and start penalizing them). But they don't penalize Nadal taking 30 seconds between serves, either. Fantastic match between Nadal and Federer, just wish Roger had won (yep, I'm a Fed Fan!).

    1. Ouch! I hadn't yet watched the replay so didn't know that Nadal won. I really like them both - true gentlemen of the sport.

      I hope to watch Maria and Victoria play, but will certainly leave the sound off. I find their "screeching" oh so offensive.


  2. Hello Vicki,
    You know, I'm not sure which I like the best. A self portrait can be hard work...come to think of it, any portrait is hard work.
    I think you are doing really well.