Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Housework as Workout and A Sketch

In lieu of the treadmill this morning, I spent about 90 minutes scouring, sweeping, mopping and doing laundry. I may do the treadmill later anyway just because I can, but if I don't get to it I can live with that. According to a source online, doing the kind of housework I did this morning uses about 365 calories in 90 minutes. What they don't mention is the satisfaction when it is done. I still have the vacuuming, dusting, and finishing the laundry, but I am waiting until the kitchen and entrance floors are dry.

I decided to take advantage of this lull by trying a sketch from Posemaniacs. I used pen this time and I think I will continue to do so. It is not great, but I still feel that this kind of almost blind contour is somehow beneficial to me.

I also tried another street scene. Boy, do I ever have to work on perspective. I am awaiting the day (probably 1,000 tries from now) when I am able to do a good job of these. I don't know why when they are so difficult for me and mostly I want to slap myself when I get done with them, but I really like drawing them and am sure that with time I will improve. Just a second - I had to knock down my inner critic. Sometimes she is so overpowering, whew!

Miss P is getting her braces today and I am hoping to see her afterwards. I hope it isn't too difficult or painful for her. According to her and her Mom, the orthodontist they've chosen is really great and the office is quite kid centered.

Well, I suppose I can't sit here forever. I have a load of towels in the dryer and need to put the area rugs in the wash next. Then I can move the furniture back into the kitchen and eating area so I can vacuum and dust. Don't you just love the smell of Pine-Sol. I really liked it much better when I just smelled it as I came in the house and someone else had done all the work.

Still sitting at the mail box and I've decided if my treasure doesn't come today, I am going to contact Andrea and see what she can tell me about its expected delivery.

I hope you have made some time for yourself today and that your creative muse is hovering.


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  1. I so admire your dedication to so many things! Can't wait to see you on Monday!! hugs, nancy