Monday, January 2, 2012

First Sketches of the New Year

I'm up early and ready for the day this morning. It is very cold and the roads are snow covered so I am happy to stay indoors and work play a bit. The first thing I did this morning was to try the 30-second option at Posemaniacs. Too little time and this poor woman looks a bit bumpy and quite large in the bottom, but it did help to loosen me up for the face I found on Google Images.

I took a day off from the treadmill yesterday and am anxious to get on it today. I am hoping to jog for 45 minutes to an hour. 

I had Miss Z overnight on New Year's Eve and managed to get a few pix to share. She is changing so rapidly and is starting to make recognizable sounds. I am convinced she says "thank you" when you give her something, and she said "Nana" a couple of times. I'm not sure that is what she was trying to say, but I loved it anyway.

She is "hugging" the baby in the book and making the appropriate "awww" sound.

She has a big personality.

She is growing up way too fast.

I still haven't received the wonderful art that I am planning to have a drawing for, but this time of year the post is slow and especially when it is coming from overseas. I will give a hint - think Andrea Joseph!! I'm getting anxious to see this treasure in person and will post a picture and announce the giveaway rules as soon as I receive it.

I'm just on my first mug of coffee and need to get this day started. I am hoping to spend a bit of time each day doing some kind of art this year and hope you are finding time also.

Happy New Year!!



  1. Oh , how cute is this kid???
    Adorable,,, paint or sketch her.

  2. Is that the Bunddle of Pink Joy! I know I have seen Her since you first photo post. She is a Cutey Lady Bug for sure. So much becoming Her on person so soon. She certainly explains why Alfred Stieglitz, wanted a child of his own to photograph ever day of it is life. I know too! Keep photographing Nana. As much as possible. "Nana"- Vicki. Great new sketches!

  3. This is one of the cutest babies I've ever seen! Lucky you!

  4. Good sketch for short time ~ Photos of your cutey are adorable and wonderful ~ Visiting from CED ~ thanks ~ namaste, Carol ~ Share the Creative Journey and A Creative Harbor ~ Happy New Year!

  5. She's such an adorable little one!!!! The 30 second sketch is amazing - you did that in 30 seconds? Wow!

  6. I love the picture of her laughing loud!! They do grow so fast. Don't blink! ;)

  7. Great quick sketches, and the babe is just as cute and sweet as can be .... I miss mine so much! hugs, nancy

  8. ...what a cutie!! Great sketches too. Drawing and sketching is such a big part of my art. I work so many things out with the pencil...

  9. you did well to find time to sketch at all, and the results are great... that baby is just too adorable and the photos are wonderful...xx