Friday, January 27, 2012

Tennis Sketches and Swap Art

I finally went to bed at a decent hour last evening, but I did stay up to watch the Federer/Nadal match even though Rhonda gave away the ending in her lovely comment yesterday. I tried to do some sketching of Nadal's serving and returning, but I found it hard to capture. I'm pretty sure if I hadn't labeled it, it wouldn't be recognized as a particular player, just someone playing tennis.

I also wanted to share with you the ATC I received yesterday from Cynthia of Artists of the Round Table (A.R.T). She sent it in a really cute card that she doodled. I really love getting art in the mail.

It's going to be another busy day today. I am going up to the Maple Street Mall to help the hubster move from one booth to another and then am hoping to find time to workout before Miss Z comes to spend the night. I'm not sure, but I may have Miss P overnight as well. I tried to get Miss K for the night, but she is at her Mom's this weekend.

I expect I will catch the women's final tennis match, but will surely have to watch with the sound off. I really like both Maria Sharapova and Victoria Azarenka, but really hate the screeching. I wish it would be outlawed. They may not play until tomorrow. I don't think the men play until Sunday. I think the match between Djokovic and Murray will be a really good one. I really don't have a favorite, but think it would be nice for Murray to win a major.

I hope you are finding time for the Australian open (if you like to watch tennis) or for some other activity which you enjoy and that you are safe and warm.



  1. Hello Vicki,
    Great sketches. I think the middle one is very good. So hard to do poses like this.

    1. Thanks, Stew,

      I find it really hard to try to get the motion and proportions right.


  2. Oh, I'm so sorry I gave away the ending to you - I thought you were staying up to watch it live so it was over (and taped by me - which is how I'm watching them) when I commented! So sorry - I hate knowing the outcome before I get to see the match. I won't be watching the women's final so you can tell me who won :)

  3. Great job on the sketches of tennis players in action. I just don't have the memory to capture a pose and get it on paper!

  4. beautiful work, the action sketches are great, love the message and colors of the aceo and I envy the zentangles, I love this but cannot do them ,, they make me dizzy, (dizzier!)

  5. great sketches!
    and i'm with laurie - zentangles make me dizzy...
    i'm getting updates from the men's final at the moment through the guardian website while watching footie on the TV :)
    don't you love sundays??

  6. I don't know the players, so wouldn't recognize one from another. You've got some nice line going on, though. I think your posemaniac studies are paying off!

  7. Your tennis sketches are really, really good! I'm like Barb and wouldn't know any of them, but your sketches are wonderful. I agree - your posemaniac studies are moving you forward! hugs, nancy

  8. Nice sketch, and I love the zen too ^^

  9. nice sketches!