Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Today's Poses

It rained in the night and is foggy and still raining. We are planning to take the loft bed the hubster built for Miss M to her house and get it set up. She is thrilled about it and is planning to help by handing us the tools to put it together.

I did spend the first bit of this morning trying out my warm ups with Posemaniacs. Some of the poses are so difficult, I've been tempted to skip them, but then I remind myself that this is an exercise in "seeing" and maybe the more unusual poses are actually better training. At any rate here are a couple of poses for today. I forgot to date the pages before I took the photo, but have now done so.

The blind contours on the left look a bit like a foot fight - Oh, well.

The girls did a lot of painting with my acrylic paints yesterday - even the neighbor girl got in on the art action, but they all took what they'd done home with them. Actually, Miss M and Miss P each made something to give to Nancy when we went to her house yesterday, but took the rest home before I had a chance to get pix.

We spent a little bit of time with Nancy and Abby before we headed out for lunch. I must say Abby was in heaven with two little girls giving her all that attention. Nancy loaned me some books to take on vacation with me later this month and had made some goodies called Bullseyes for the girls to take home with them. I didn't get a good look at them before I sent them home with my daughter, but it looked like a small pretzel with chocolate melted in a small mound and then with an M & M on top. The little girls said they were yummy.

The hubster just asked me when I would be ready to head out to put the bed together so I'd best wrap this up. I have my teacup for my Watercolour Pencil Buddies swap except to put the back with info on it and I have my Artists of the Round Table ATC ready to be put in an envelope, but they might not make it into the mail until tomorrow. It looks like the issue of months flying by is going to continue into 2012. I was hoping for a bit of a slow down.


I know that blogger has been intermittently naughty for some of you who've tried to leave a comment on yesterday's post as required to get into the drawing for the lovely Andrea Joseph zine, but keep trying. It appears to be working a bit better now.

The drawing will take place late Sunday, January 22, so you have time to get in on this art goodness.



  1. Chocolate pretzels with M & Ms sounds yummy!

    Lovely freshness to your skteches - I feel just like them at the moment!

  2. Ahhh. . .blogger seems to be working today. I admire your dedication to working on your Posemaniacs and the poses do seem to be very difficult. Good luck with putting the bed together. I hope your "supervisor" handing out the tools won't be too hard on you!

  3. I think your pose drawing are wonderful, nothing harder than the human body! I think if we just let our selves go and not try to be too tight it works better and i can see the losseness to this, sounds like a wonderful day you had, those Bullseyes sound yummy and fun to make,

  4. You did a great job on these! Posemaniacs really has very hard poses, but you've gotten very good at doing them!! hugs, nancy p.s., Abby keeps asking me where the girls are ... she's insatiable. lol

  5. Sounds like you had a busy day drawing and playing with the girls. Glad you are taking time for yourself to draw! Keep with it! Good sketches !

  6. Must admit, Posemaniacs is hard work but you seem to be doing very well indeed. It just shows that you do improve with practice.

    For some reason I can't comment using Wordpress so using the Name/URL option but that isn't available on a lot of Blogger sites. Just a little tip to anyone having trouble posting comments on your blog.