Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Decorative Birdhouse

It is a beautiful, sunny morning and I am feeling pretty good. I've done my first workout of the day (range of motion for my right hand) and the only really difficult, very painful part is the desensitization exercises. For now I am lightly running a silk scarf over the portion of the back of my hand where the radial nerve runs. It is unbelievable how badly it hurts. I continued this for a full 5 minutes. The feeling becomes a bit less painful as I work, but is still quite awful. This is the area in which I need the most work so far.

Once I was done with the torture exercises, I did a quick sketch of a decorative birdhouse that lives on a shelf in the living room using my right hand. I am finding the pencil a bit easier to hold, but the cast is still very much in the way.

Miss Z is coming later today to spend the night with us. I am still unable to change diapers or dress her or pick her up, but I am loving having her around regardless.

I will do the prescribed exercises and desensitization exercises three or four more times today and have an x-ray, doctor consult and PT session tomorrow. I am very pleased with my progress and am hoping for more of the same as I continue.

How are you doing? Are you finding time during this very busy time of the year to make time for yourself and your creativity? Do share.....



  1. How long do you need to do the desensitization exercises for? Well done on your progress and all that you are doing! You are doing great.

    Your decorative birdhouse is really cute.

    I wish you a wonderful keep and to take it easy and be gentle on yourself x

  2. Great idea ~ wonderful sketch ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^ aka 'artmusedog'

  3. Adorable ~ wonderful sketch ~ ( A Creative Harbor) aka 'artmusedog' ^_^

  4. Hi! You are doing great to sketch with a cast on! Being creative over the holiday season? I don't know - it is already tricky. I think I may have to lower my expectations once we are all on holidays and grab moments when I can!