Thursday, December 13, 2012

Working in the Art Room

I did get the bathrooms cleaned (I am unable to do floors or bathtubs) yesterday and did pick up the art room and then I decided to take some time to play a bit. I opened up a folder of reference photos on the computer and began to sketch on a page in an old Chemistry notebook from the late 1980s when I was a student at MSU. As you will see some of the sketches ran into each other, but I really don't mind. It was such a wonderful feeling to be working in my room.

It would appear that scale is not a feature here and that I really like drawing birds.

While I was picking up, I rediscovered the "British Weather" book that I was altering and had retitled "Face It" and decided to try a page in it. I first added a bit of clear gesso and when it was dry I did a rough sketch and then used Neocolor IIs to add a bit of color.

It will be another busy day. I am hoping to spend a bit of time on the treadmill (I walked/ran 2 miles yesterday.) and then do a bit of art before getting help with a shower. The hubster is going to therapy with me and then we will do a bit of Christmas shopping before ending our afternoon at Klavon's for pizza. I cannot have any milk products, but have found their pizza with chicken, pineapple and mushrooms is really good even without cheese.

What about you? Are you getting your shopping done? Are you making handmade gifts? Cookies? Are you finding time for art? Do share.....



  1. so sorry to hear you are still struggling with everyday life things and your art...but a fighting spirit like yours will get you far....I fell down my front steps on a slippery outside decorating day last week and am still sore...can't lay on my left side due to bruising and sore ribs! UGH! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas honey!!

  2. Vicki,
    Sorry to hear about your broken hand. Missed the story of how it happened. Hoping for a speedy recovery for you.
    Jane Young

  3. Yesterday my daughter had friends over to study and I completely cleared out my dining room (which is where I like to work on art, also.) It is so inspiring to walk in there this morning!

    I have been drawing almost daily - mostly zentangling. I have also been working on collages and doing some art journaling and painting so yes, art is still present for me.

  4. Well, that is awful to struggle with, everyday things. Sorry yuk fell and hurt your ribs Retired One! Hope none are broken. Well, I struggle to sleep to. Struggle to get things done. But I have to sleep. I am so sleepy right now! But I lay my head down and wake up.
    So glad to see your work Vicki! Really nice.
    I thought you took a class with Carla Sonheim. That makes your
    Page ideal. That is how they train you, with your sketch book. Fill the page. Then learn to see! Then learn to
    Use what you perceive as your best. Wonderful!
    Now: Cookies- I made, Toll House batter. Then sandwich the Oreo in the middle.
    I got creative, sand bought the fudge Oreos, put two together, and put inside the cookie dough. I was told they all well received - I wanted feed back on the fudge. They ate them. Well, wanted information.
    Guess chocolate mini chips in the color dough sealed the deal. There no crumbs in the pan.

  5. Julie, I was thinking, that doodling would be great for Vicki. I have the new Doodle - Zentangle book, sandy Barthomew. Has a review on her blog, and links to other reviews. It is the joy of Zentangle and beyond. I think it would be good for you Vicki. Would hopefully strengthen your hand sooner!

  6. Glad you're back in your art room! I like what you've been doing. You rock! nancy

  7. You sound as though you are accomplishing alot and very happy with it. It must be a wonderful feeling to get back into your art room. The altered book is great !