Monday, November 9, 2015

A Very Blustery Day

Although it was pretty warm - mid 50s - it was extremely windy and a bit wet. I began my day with a visit to the gym where I spent an hour. Love starting the day like that. Afterwards I went home and showered and got dressed to do a bit of shopping. I was planning to wear a long blue dress I bought at Chico's last summer, but it was too lightweight for this time of year. I went down to Dunnes and found a wool blend dress and bought a pair of matching tights. I took those home and then headed to find a pair of boots. I didn't know if I wanted knee high ones or ankle boots. I first tried on knee high ones, but they were too big in the leg. I bought a pair of ankle boots instead.

On the way home from the shoe store, I stopped at the corner pharmacy to pick up my prescription. It was even better than I expected. Instead of the $355 that I paid for a month's supply in Jackson, I only paid €29. That difference paid for my outfit with a couple of hundred bucks left over. By the time I got home from that errand, I was starving and my cupboards were bare. I headed down to main street once more and stopped into Stores for lunch. I chose the fish and chips. The fish was plaice and was really fabulous. The cole slaw was really good too.

I left there and walked down to Pettit's SuperValu to buy a few groceries. They had the lamb tagine again and so I bought some. When I got home I finished my book, The Legacy of Elizabeth Pringle, and gave it 4 stars. Then I took a nap before getting ready for the Tidy Town outing to the Ferrycarrig Hotel. 

The award ceremony was a bit long, but very nice. I went with Dennis and Philomena. We had tea or coffee, hors d' oeuvres of chicken and sausage and small tea sandwiches, followed by a dessert of an apple tart. The Wexford Tidy Towns group won an award.

Afterward we stopped at White's Hotel for a drink. When we got there we found that there was a political program being filmed for a television news program so we went in and sat in the back for a bit. I had a hard time understanding everything they were talking about, but the abortion issue was raised with much fervor from both pro and con parties.

We went down to the lobby area as the show was winding down and sat in very comfy chairs to have a drink. Phil and I gave some money for our drinks to Dennis and he went into the bar to get them. I asked for a black russian and explained to him what it was in case they asked. When he came back he had a quiet dark drink and a fizzy dark drink. Phil had ordered diet Coke, so I expected the fizzy drink was hers. But no, it was the black russian. The bar was five deep all around with all the people from the political discussion having made their way down, so I changed my mind about taking my drink back. It wasn't all bad, but it definitely wasn't a black russian. Once the bar quieted down I went to ask the bartender what he had used to make my drink. He used coffee liqueur, vodka and coke. What??????!!!!!!

Home before midnight and settled in my pajamas "talking" to you. I am hoping to walk with the group across the bridge in the morning, but if it is raining I will do aqua aerobics at the gym instead. I have finished all my library books so will have to make a trip there tomorrow as well. Hoping for a bit of sun tomorrow. We've had gray and rain for a several days now and I am ready for a change.

How are you doing?


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  1. Doing good, Vicki....I like your dress!! It was 60 degrees here today, not bad for November 9th!! We had such a nice visit with Mike, Lindsay & Dean. Back to the gym tomorrow......