Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Weekend

Saturday morning I went to the gym around 9 and worked out for about 45 minutes; then I walked down to Oxfam, a charity shop on the main street to say "hi" to Lily the woman I walked with on Tuesday. I was planning to do a walk even though it was pouring rain, but changed my mind. I was soaked through just from the gym and my short stroll. It wasn't so bad not to get a walk in as I had walked more than 8 miles the day before. I don't think I shared the picture of the reward I purchased for myself at the end of that long trek.

I bought the cake at the Bull Ring market - it is lactose free and fabulous!! I think fondly of Holly Steffey every time I use my cow cup.

In the early afternoon Sarah and her husband John picked me up and John dropped us at Tesco where Tidy Towns was having a recycling drive. We had battery boxes, cigarette butt pouches, and gum keepers. We also had information on taking care of doggy poo. Sarah and I stayed until 2:30, then John picked us up and we went to the Wren's Nest for lunch. I had the fish and chips. Maybe the best I've had in Wexford yet.  

This morning, Marie picked me up at 9:30 and we drove to the Raven Nature Reserve where we were meeting some of the Tuesday walking group. Imagine our surprise when we arrived at the car park to find it jammed. Apparently there was a 10k going on. We decided to walk anyway. It was quite warm but very windy. We were pretty protected in the woods and the wind wasn't too bad on the beach either.

Some of the runners going past us. We actually turned left just past that child.

A great place to walk.

The Irish Sea is gorgeous. I am sure even more so on a sunny day.

Will definitely need to walk this again.

Wish I'd recorded the roar of the sea.

Can't wait to come here in June when I have company.

Further down this beach is where I've been told the beach scene from Saving Private Ryan was filmed.

My fitbit said we'd walked about 4.5 miles. We stopped in to the Curracloe Hotel for coffee/tea afterward and enjoyed a visit. I was home by about 2. I read for awhile then took a nap. It is very windy and the noise from the chimney sounds really wintry, but the temps are quite mild. I finished the book I was reading and am now getting ready to start the last of my stash. It is called A Dark and Distant Shore, is quite thick, 837 pages long. It is described as "a marvelous blend of Gone With The Wind and The Thorn Birds". I'll let you know.



  1. Can't wait to see that beautiful trail and the Irish Sea!! We are going to have such fun☺️☺️ Who is Holly Stuffy?? Enjoy your book, it sounds like a good read. No snow yet, in Marquette; 51 d greens today.......

    1. Autocorrect can be so irritating!! Holly Steffey is a friend whose kids I had in class. Lissa taught math with me after college. Holly made me a cow pi t-shirt while I was teaching. She and her husband have a dairy farm in Stockbridge.

  2. Love the pictures of the beach! What a great walk that was!
    It was very warm here today! Don't forget to show pictures of your fish and chips! (I'm a fish lover!!)
    Going to have my sister get A Dark and Distant Shore for my mother. She likes thick books! I want to read several of the books you've mentioned!!
    Glad you're enjoying your life. I enjoy reading all about it!!

    1. Glad you are enjoying the blog. I do need to remember to take pix before I eat.