Thursday, November 12, 2015

Wind and Rain

It's been really windy the past few days, sometimes with pounding rain. But the times in between, although very windy, have been really pleasant for walking. I've taken more pix and hope that if they are repeats, you won't mind too much.

I never tire of the views of old buildings

Especially the old Abbey

I love the directional signs in both English and Irish

Another one of the Abbey

The main shopping walkway

This is my usual approach to the quay via the bus station

I think I've mentioned one of my favorite meals - Lamb Tagine. Here is a pic

Very tasty!

I've been very active at the gym this week. On Monday I went over early and did my own workout in the gym. I spent about an hour there and then walked 6 1/2 miles. Tuesday I walked over the bridge and met the gang for our walk, then continued on my side of the bridge for a total of 6.12 miles. I met a new walker. Her name is Lily, she is 82. She usually plays golf on Tuesdays, but since it was so windy, she decided to walk with us instead. She walks as fast as I do and was never breathless and she is a font of information. Yesterday I went to the gym for the Fabulous @ 50 class then walked 7.44 miles. I am still sore from the workout, but not quite as much as I was before I went to the aqua aerobics class this morning. Afterwards, Sarah and I went to D'Lush for lunch. I should have taken a photo of the lovely root vegetable soup we had then afterward we split a blueberry and almond tart - fabulous. I'm not sure of my mileage today. I walked just over 3 miles before the workout in the pool, but then had to recharge my fitbit so didn't have it on the rest of the day. I'm pretty sure I didn't get in more than 5 miles total due to the weather. Sarah and I got caught in a downpour that we waited out in a bookstore. Just before the rain we went into Penneys. I was looking for a gym bag. They had exactly one with a price of €12, so I took it up to buy it. When the girl rang it up, she said it was only a fiver, so I got a very serviceable gym bag for only €5. Great deal!

A few more pics

Love all the alleyways! I was out early enough that the trash wasn't removed yet.

My favorite eating establishment
Another cute alleyway

All along I thought this said "abracadabra", but then realized it was different. Then I found out it is a kebab place.
Bushes are still flowering
This was a section in the paper I bought yesterday. What do you think? Can you read it? I can't either.

This is actually the view from the parking area of Abbey Court.

Tomorrow I am planning to make an early trip to the gym followed by a walk. In the afternoon I am planning to go to the drawing session from 2 to 4. I was going to go with Philomena from 6 to 8, but her daughter is going to visit in the evening. On Saturday I am planning to pop into Oxfam after my walk. It is a charity shop where Lily works on Saturday mornings. Then in the afternoon Sarah and I are working for TidyTowns at Tesco doing recycling. Then hopefully on Sunday, weather permitting, I am going on a ramble over to Curracloe Beach, a place I've not been yet.

I feel like I've lived here for a very long time, but it has really only been 7 weeks. I am very much at home here and look forward to meeting more people and going on rambles to places that are near by car, but not close enough to walk. Marie, one of the women that walks on Tuesdays, is picking me up this weekend. Many of the people I've met who live in town don't have a car, but we are able to get a ride when there is a plan to meet out of town. I feel blessed to have met such warm and friendly people (I was going to say women, but there are a few husbands who participate too and they drive us).

I've booked my flight to Michigan to visit. I will be arriving on May 26 and flying back on June 13, which means I will be back in Wexford on June 14. Sometime very shortly after that my sister Anne and a couple of friends are coming for a visit. Can't wait!!

So when are you coming to visit?


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  1. Such interesting goings on!! Sue, Judy, and I are so thrilled to make the trip over to visit you, you are very kind to invite us.......we can hardly waitπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€. Loved your photos!!!