Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wednesday, 4 November

In Michigan there is a saying, "Don't like the weather? Just wait a bit". You could easily substitute Wexford for Michigan. I headed out this morning around 8. It was chilly, but sunny and blue skies as you can see in these pix. These two buildings are right around the corner from me. I actually think that ruin is a former Abbey that my apartment building is named for.

This wasn't anything special, but the red doors against the tan building catches my eye every time.

I walked across the bridge, but got too cold in my light jacket so headed back home to put on something warmer. On the way home it became very grey and misty so I took a break. I headed over to the gym for a class at 11 only to find that it was blue and sunny again. Excellent class - step, running in place, jumping jacks, bit of weights and some ab work. I decided to resume my walk before taking a shower.

I planned to do the bridge again, but Sarah called to see if I wanted to meet her in town so I took a walk along the quay until we met up and we decided to have lunch instead of just a beverage. We went to Simon Lambert's. She had Colcannon Soup and I had the Guinness and Beef Stew with rice. Really good and I took half of it home for supper.

Here are a few more pix I took from the quay.

I love the reflection here.

You know I love the bridge. I didn't mean to get my shadow in the photo. Does this count as a selfie?

This nice gentleman gave me permission to take a photo of him practicing his violin. He sounded pretty good to me.
Looks like another selfie!

Lovely, lovely day. Nothing quite like spending time on the waterfront!

At 2 I headed back to the gym for an orientation and health appraisal. Everything checked out good except for my body fat percent. I am going to work on that with weight training and striving for more elbow control (you know, the motion where you put edibles in your mouth). I did a circuit at the gym and am planning to do aqua aerobics in the morning. I think Sarah may be meeting me there.

I had a pleasant surprise when I got home. I checked my bank account to see how it was doing and imagine my surprise when it showed that both my cashiers check and my November social security check were now in my account. I think it may be time to get online and find a good fare for a visit to Michigan in late May.

I am now at home; I've had a warm shower and am in my jammies looking forward to a quiet evening with a good book. How was your day? I think it is only early afternoon in Michigan so you still have quite a bit of time until you get in your nightclothes. Hope your day turns out to be as pleasant as mine has been.


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  1. Your day sounds wonderful!! Glad your accounts are in order, now you can count on your regular income again. Sue & I worked on our weight program, we're both getting nice that you have a gym nearby, and your walking regimen is so good!! Love the blog!