Saturday, November 7, 2015

Rainy/Sunny Day

I heard heavy rainfall some time in the early hours before sunrise and it was gray when I got up, so I had a couple of cups of coffee and some muesli for breakfast and then lazed for a bit. Next thing I knew the sun was shining. I headed to my room to get dressed and put on a bit of a jacket with a hood and headed out. By the time I got outside it was misting, but I decided to walk anyway. I only got a couple of miles in before I was drenched. I came back home and got out of my wet clothes and got into snugglies.

I was expecting Richard to come over later to play cribbage and I needed to get to the library plus I had some lettuce and leftover trout from last night's dinner, but no tomatoes. I got dressed again and set out first to the library where I traded in the five books I took out on Monday and checked out five more.

Leaving the library I headed to the market at the bullring where I wanted to buy some tomatoes, but the vendor was out of them, and there was a small shop advertising lactose free goodies. I bought a piece of walnut coffee cake and a piece of chocolate cake, then headed down to Dunnes for tomatoes. I also bought a cucumber. I came home and made my lunch.

The cucumber is a bit different than ours, the baby lettuce is very tender and tasteful, and the piccolo tomatoes are like candy.

Seafood salad with baby lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, leftover oven baked trout and a bit of balsamic vinaigrette.

I met Richard on one of the festival tours. He is from California and has lived in Wexford for about 20 years. He came over around 2. He bought Upwords, but forgot the cribbage board so we walked over to his place to get it. We came back here to play. We played 3 games of cribbage and then a game of Upwords. Big fun. We had coffee and goodies while playing. I hope we can get together again some time. I miss playing games face to face instead of just across the internet. 

It was almost dark by the time we finished playing (it was just after 5, but this time of year that doesn't seem to matter) and I wanted to get another walk in, so I ambled down to the main street and went to Penneys to get a single duvet to put under the bedspread on the twin bed in the guest room.

I have started reading Behind Closed Doors and am getting into it pretty well. After a bit I warmed up the leftover beef stew from last night and toasted a piece of spelt bread. Yummy! Hard to believe but I got almost 6 miles in today. 

I hope you had a great day today, too!


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  1. Just got home from dinner at Pazzaluna in Downtown St. Paul.....I had a most wonderful angel hair pasta with shrimp; Lindsay had Gniocchi and Mike and Tom had pizza.......hat a lovely restaurant!! Dean behaved so well, we are enjoying our visit.
    Your meals look very lovely, too☺️