Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday, 6 November

Hard to believe it is November; the temps are so mild, and even warmer in Michigan! The day began cloudy and very windy. My fitbit was in need of charging so I walked without it today. I didn't go far, it was actually more of a ramble. I looked around in the second hand stores, but didn't find anything I thought I needed. Then I decided to look in some stores for Christmas gift ideas for my grand girls.

While I was in Penneys I found a nice flannel shirt for myself. It is soft and quite long - fitting enough to wear with yoga pants.

On yesterday's walk I stopped in the butcher shop and bought stew beef and some fresh liver. The only way I could find liver in Michigan was in the freezer section. This was so fresh and absolutely yummy! Here are the onions and mushrooms getting ready to be put over while the liver cooks.

Today while rambling, I stopped in Meyler's fish shop and got some 'just caught this morning' sea trout. I took it home and cooked it in foil with garlic and tomatoes with a touch of rapeseed oil. What a fabulous dinner. I have about 1/2 of it left over for a meal tomorrow.

This post is certainly not in chronological order because I am thinking about yesterday's outing again. I went to Shaw's and bought bedding for the guest room and a new table cloth for the dining table. I showed the guest room to Morgan this morning while FaceTiming and she likes it much better than my plain bedding.

I almost bought the one with chickens and roosters on it, but decided to go with this patterned one instead.

I found some small baskets to organize the stuff on my bookshelf in the living room and except for the smell of sea grass coming off them when I am close, I am quite pleased with them.

An acquaintance I met on one of the festival tours is coming over early tomorrow afternoon to play cribbage. He lives just around the corner across the street from the Garda station so will walk over. When I met him he had a young man with him that I thought might be his son, but we were listening to the presenter and didn't spend any time talking, just exchanged phone numbers.

A new small cafe/bakery opened just around the corner and Sarah and I went there for lunch yesterday after aqua aerobics (which was fabulous by the way- great workout). She had a lovely, huge seafood salad and I had broccoli, pea soup with a hint of mint. Glorious! Sarah treated, so I am looking forward to our next lunch out so I can take a turn to treat.

I've had a pretty lazy day, except for cooking and reading. I tried to get into a book called The Way Inn. I actually read almost half of it, but just couldn't get into it, so I put it aside. I have started The View on The Way Down and think I will like it. This is the last of the books I took out on Monday, so I will go to the library in the morning to take these back and pick out more.

What are you reading? Do you recommend it?



  1. Visiting Mike, Lindsay, and Dean in Minneapolis; such fun to see how he's grown since we saw him about a month ago. Loving your blog, Vicki......the liver & onions sounds good!! Cool in Minnesota today, but will be near 50 tomorrow, not bad !!

  2. I just finished reading "Ruby". It's one of the books Oprah recommends. It was very good! You are reading some great books. I think I'll write down a few so I can look for them. I'm still in Florida and have a great tan! This trip has had the best weather! It will be in the 50's when I go home. But that's not bad for a November in Michigan!