Monday, November 23, 2015

Another Busy Weekend

On Thursday after swim aerobics and then soup in D'Lush Cafe at the Art Center, Sarah and I walked up to her house, which is just a few blocks up from my place. She has a lovely place and a woman, Siobhan (Shavan) was coming to hang sheers on the doors off the kitchen out to the garden. It was after that visit that we stopped in to visit Katrina, whom I introduced in the last post. While we were visiting her, she told us about a fund raising concert to be held at St. Iberius' Church, not far from my place.

Saturday morning Sarah and I and many more of the TidyTowns group met to plant flowers in the planters all around town. It was extremely cold, but I wore a thermal under my shirt and a hoodie that I didn't mind getting a bit dirty with a hat and gloves and once we got to work I was warm enough. Afterwards a few of us went to O'Brien's for tea (Sarah and I shared an apple tart). When we were walking back home I told her I had pretty much decided it was too cold to go out in the evening for the concert. I spent much of the day in my kick-about clothes reading and then realized that I'd been indoors far too long. I turned on the hot press for a bit and then took a shower and got ready to go for a walk.

The concert was fabulous, but imagine my surprise when Brian Murphy was introduced to find that he wasn't a folk singer, but a baritone and he sang opera - fabulous voice. There was also a folk singer/songwriter, a pianist, a French Horn performance, a reading, a trumpet (no, I think it was a flugelhorn), a poetry reading and a soprano. The soprano sang The Sound of Music theme and it was quite fine. She and the baritone ended the program with a couple of songs in duet. I was really glad that I went. Katrina walked with me as far as my place before heading up the hill to walk her dogs and settle in herself.

Sunday I was lazy all day except for a couple walks for provisions. I made a trip to Heaton's and bought a half dozen rag rugs to use as draft excluders in the window sills. They work quite well. I then walked to Pettit's to buy something for dinner. I started a stew when I got home, but had no carrots. I will finish it tomorrow. I had a chicken and avocado sandwich instead. I finished The Dark and Distant Shore, a multigenerational story that kept my interest throughout. It had quite a bit of historical fact interweaved. I have just begun Brooklyn that was just released as a movie here. It takes place in Enniscorthy, which is in County Wexford, and includes a span of time in Brooklyn, NY.

Today I went to the gym early and then came home and showered and had breakfast, then headed out for the drawing class. This was my first experience. We did value charts and then used easels and charcoal to do value studies of my friend and fellow TidyTown volunteer, Dennis Collins. Big fun.

Here are my results:

Here is my value study. I was supposed to get 12 gradations, but was not totally successful.

This one was a picture from an art book that I used an eraser on to uncover the lights of the drawing. 

The two above were done in my sketchbook with a 2B pencil. I was sitting at a table. These next ones, which are supposed to be of Dennis, were done with charcoal standing at an easel.

This began as a blind contour and then I added to it.

This one is just a mess.

This one I am quite happy with. I was loose and pretty much concentrated  on just the darks and lights.

This afternoon I rewarded myself with a trip to the spa that is part of White's Hotel where my gym is. I spent time in the warm suite - sauna, steam room, and huge swimming pool sized jacuzzi; then dried off and put my unmentionables on and using a provided robe and slippers I relaxed in a special room and visited with a couple of very nice women; this was followed by a pedicure and then a manicure. It was fabulous and members of the gym get a 15% discount. I will definitely be getting a massage there some time in the near future. While I was there I had two cups of herb tea and a small bowl of fresh, chilled fruit. Yum!

Here is the result of my mani/pedi. Because it is too cold to show off my toes, I didn't think they had to match. Love both colors and the young woman who did them was very friendly and very professional.

So what have you been up to this weekend? Did it include some snow? Are the roads clear? Do keep me posted by either leaving a comment here or posting to Facebook. I love to see what you are up to.



  1. You're certainly keeping busy! Since I can't draw, I think you did a great job!
    Waiting for the snow to melt! We got 17" in Howell! That's a lot for one day! I was driving in it and it was not a fun time! But I got home safe and sound! Sounds damp and chilly there!
    Your toes and fingers look great!
    Keep that blog coming! Had my sister buy one of the books you mentioned, for my mother.
    No Thanksgiving there! Will you cook a small turkey, just for old time sake? lol!

  2. Not missing the snow - glad to hear you navigated it safely. No turkey for November, but expect to be ariund some at Christmas time, but won't be cooking my own. They don't come small enough! I will miss my cornbread stuffing, though.

  3. Kind of cold here, no snow though. We bought a new smaller Christmas tree, and put it up early for us, but the kids are coming and they'll enjoy it. Keep up with your artwork, I enjoy seeing your progress