Monday, November 2, 2015

Manic Monday

Got up a bit after 6 this morning and decided it looked like a good day to go to the gym. Got there around 7 which is a good thing because they don't open on weekdays until 6:45. Did just one circuit in the gym which included a lat pulldown, chest press, shoulder press, leg press and a 2 leg curl machines - one for quads and one for hammies. I then spent a few minutes on the rowing machine. I have been away from the gym for much too long. But this one is less than a block from me, so no excuses. I hope to get my strength back in no time.

After I left the gym I headed out for a walk. I went around by Dunnes and across to the train station and then headed across the bridge. It was a bit foggy/hazy and a bit chilly, but I was already warmed up. Instead of turning around at the other side and coming  back to this side as I usually do, I decided to walk the path the group walks on Tuesdays and then cross back over the bridge, down the quay and back through town to home. I had walked almost 5 miles by the time I got back. I made breakfast of fried courgettes (zucchini) with onion and tomatoes and with scrambled eggs over. I had one piece of multi-seed bread toasted. Yummy!

I really need some laundry done, so I packed up my dirty outer clothes including the hoodie that I planted daffodils in on Saturday. I headed over to the laundry carrying my library books with me. From there I went to the library, returned the ones I read last week and checked out five more. But reading must wait. I did a load of undies and towels here and hung them on the line.

I then noticed that the floors needed sweeping so I did that while the dishes were waiting in a sink of overly hot water. Once I was done sweeping the water was okay to put hands in, so I did the dishes and took out the garbage. I started reading one of the books, but was dozy so I put some quiet music on the iPod and snoozed for a bit.

Sarah called around 2 to see if I wanted to swim this afternoon. We agreed to meet at the gym/pool at 3. We spent a good 45 minutes swimming down and back and visiting in a very nice pool. I think it is what you call a lap pool - it is the same depth throughout. We split up then and I went to collect my laundry and went to the ATM to get some cash from my credit union in Jackson and put it into my Irish account. I am now back home and in my pajamas and think I will call it a day. I was planning to go to Heaton's to get a few kitchen things, but there is always tomorrow.

I took some pix on my walk to Tesco yesterday afternoon and thought I'd share them with you.

Look at these - it is November 1!

You can tell it is Autumn, but still flowers.

I took some photos this morning on my walk, too. You will notice it is quite gray and foggy, but some of them are worth sharing.

Another lovely garden.

Wexford on the other side of the Slaney River.

The bridge is really quite lovely.

Love the light coming out of the sky.

Tomorrow I am planning to walk with the ladies across the bridge and then take my list to Heatons. No gym tomorrow, but on Wednesday I am going for a fitness class, it's called Fabulous @ 50; and then I have an assessment in the afternoon and will get a suggested gym program. I actually was able to balance on my knees on the balance ball for several seconds this morning and will keep practicing that until I can do minutes.

Hope all is well with my friends and family in the States.



  1. You are going to be in such good shape!! Do you do planks?? Judy, Sue, and I are at one minute now, our goal is 2 minutes........along with squats and lunges.....we'll try to keep up with you๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€☺️ Loved your pix!!!

  2. I haven't been doing planks, but will start now. A minute is a very long time! I'm impressed

  3. Thank you.......I have to be in great shape for our upcoming visit๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€