Monday, July 6, 2009

Chelsea Farmers' Market & Altered Dominoes

Saturday was the 4th of July. Perhaps because of this the farmers' market only had about half as many vendors as usual and not nearly as many customers as usual. This date may not have been the best for my initial venture.

However, it was a beautiful morning and I always enjoy spending time with the hubster. I took lots of pix of the vendors who participated and saw some very nice produce and flowers.

I didn't sell any domino pendants, but did get lots of advice after the fact through some of the Yahoo groups. It appears in retrospect to be something I should have thought of, but didn't. I should have worn one of the necklaces; I should have had some on chains or leather and had them hanging up; I should have had my own display table and not been included with the wood crafts (beautiful as they are, they are not jewelry).

The show wasn't a complete washout. I had a good time and met some nice, friendly people. One of the music tents was right next to us and the music was quite pleasant. The hubster sold the cedar deck chairs and table.

I am having a garage sale next weekend at my house to try to get rid of the baby/toddler toys and things that DH left when she moved to her new house, but the following Saturday I am planning to have a better display and my own space to see how it goes. That is unless that is the weekend of the St. Joe art fair, at which time we are planning to spend the weekend at my sister's house for a visit. If that is so, I will try the farmers' market again the following Saturday.

For today, I have grocery shopping to do and am meeting my Algebra tutee for an hour or so. Lots to do and so little time.

See ya!


  1. That's too bad you didn't sell any. I'm venturing out to a farmers market this coming Saturday and will heed that advice. My first time "out there" with my domino and scrabble tile pendants.Good luck to you in the future. ...Lucy

  2. Don't despair! Your pendants are very nice and I'm sure they'll start selling. Good for the hubster on his sales!! hugs, nancy

  3. Never mind, follow those tips and I'm sure you'll do better next time. At least you had fun and met lots of nice people and learnt some things for the future.

  4. All you can do is take what you learned into the next experience. I like the idea of wearing one of the pendants. And meeting great people is always a good thing!