Thursday, July 2, 2009


I spent much of yesterday working on my domino pendants and am getting better at it. I did take a break to go to Michael's to find some "findings" in an attempt to get a loop on them. I may just call them finished when the art is done and let the buyer's decide how to make a necklace out of them.

I hope to finish up this batch today. The hubster made me a display out of wood and I am looking forward to getting the finished pendants into it to see how it looks. Perhaps by tomorrow I will have things done and can show them sitting prettily in their rows for display.

I also got a call last evening from an Algebra student looking for a tutor and will meet with him tomorrow. So nice to get the opportunity to teach students who are serious about learning after all my years of teaching high school (although I did have lots of students who wanted to be there, there were plenty who fought it all the way).

I'm going to get my first cup of coffee and chill for a bit. Then into the shower and begin my domino art. See you later!


  1. They're looking good! Congrats on the new tutee - a good time and bucks to boot - what could be better? hugs, nancy

  2. The dominoes look fabulous!!