Friday, July 3, 2009

Getting Closer

I can't believe I just got up. I tend to be an early riser, getting up usually by 6:30 am. My body must have needed this rest. I went to bed just after 11 last night and didn't stir until almost 9:30. Wow! I feel like I've missed most of this beautiful day. The sun is shining and the birds are serenading. One negative thing: the coffee is awful! I'll have to fix a fresh pot when I am done here.

I spent most of yesterday painting, stamping, and drawing on dominoes. The hubster made me a wonderful display case and painted it for me. It has 3 rows and an "easel" back. The dominoes look really nice in it. He is truly the best!

I'm a little nervous about the Farmers' Market tomorrow, but I will be with the hubster and he has faith in me, plus he is such good company it is bound to be a good experience. I'll take my camera and try to get some good pix of the setting and the other vendors.

For now I'm off to make a fresh pot of coffee and sit on the screened porch and get ready for the day! See you later.


  1. FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! The dominoes "pop" out with their color and design. The box is perfect.
    Best wishes!!!!!!

  2. The dominoes look wonderful as does your husband's display case. Good luck at the market! I'd buy one if I were there.

  3. That cabinet your hubby made for you is just PERFECT for the tiles!

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhh . . . Vicki . . . these altered dominoes and the case look WONDERFUL! What fun it is to see all those great dominoes in a display case! Have fun! You and your dh are SO talented!!!!

  5. these are wonderful! I can't wait to hear how the Farmer's Market went.

  6. Ooo, awesome! I love how the dominoes look in their new case!