Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fun Finds and Playing

Yesterday I drove the hubster's truck loaded with the things we did not sell at the garage sale and drove it to Goodwill to donate it. On the way I had to stop at the plumbing shop to get a part for my bathroom sink. The night before around 2 am when I quit playing and was brushing my teeth in preparation for sleep, I noticed that the basket I keep my brush and paste in was wet. It lives under the sink. When I opened up the cupboard again, lo and behold, there was water spurting out of the pipe! Yikes! I shut off the water and took everything out of there; then went and got some old towels and sopped up the water. This morning the hubster took it apart and gave me the old part to take to the shop to replace.

I wore the new formica chip pendant on a chain - love it!

I had a 50% off coupon for Michael's and had decided I wanted a melting pot for UTEE and headed over there. Well, you know they are having all kinds of sales. By the time I got out of there and headed over to my 2 hour tutoring session, I had found all kinds of booty.

This is what I bought along with the melting pot and Kool Toolz.

Last evening I spent some time playing with much of it. I haven't unpacked the melting pot yet, but plan to get to it in a little bit. I am tutoring at 3 pm and hope to get in several hours of playing before then.

One of the wooden circles with a layer of paint made by adding a bit of water to Perfect Pearls Perfect Bronze.

I think I will stamp it and then pour UTEE over it when I get my melting pot set up. Or maybe I will glue one of the flowers in the pic above instead of stamping. So many options, so little time!

Gotta go! See ya next time.....


  1. the formica chip makes a great pendant!!

  2. Great pendant.
    Funny how you go to an art store for one thing and you come out with bags full!
    Take care.