Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Waxing (Poetic?)

I bit the bullet and pushed my fears aside and got out the Melting Pot and Project Pan that I found for a great price at the USArtQuest warehouse sale and began the process of melting some wax that my dear friend, Nancy, gave me to play with (I just can't write "with which to play" so I am ending this sentence with with, ha! :-o )

I began by using a brush to put a coat of wax over the wood and then took each piece that I wanted to add and put it in the wax to coat it and then used metal tweezers to place it on the wood. It went well except I think it is too waxy. Some of the wax seemed to drip onto the wood in clumps, so when it was cooled I took a part of an old credit card and scraped some of it off. I think it looks okay, but both my friend, Tina, and an online friend, Rob, told me that I could heat the wax with a heat gun and rearrange things. Also Rob told me that when he uses wax he likes to put a layer on the substrate (in this case, the block of wood) and then arrange his collage and use his heat gun to get the collage to sink into the wax. I think I like that idea and it seems like it wouldn't get quite so waxy as mine did.

I am posting my collage as it looks now, but once the hubster arises, I am going to get out the heat gun and melt some of the wax on the collage so that I can remove the large "Dream" from the upper left hand corner and play a bit. I think I will also remove the large pink sparkly from the bottom left. I will post the revision tomorrow.

I am excited about my day today. I have a class at USArtQuest from 10 to 1 and then have my third Photography webinar at 2. In my morning class, I am making a checkbook cover using Studio Cloth and paper napkins. I will write about it tomorrow and show what I've done.

Time to get started on this day......


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