Saturday, August 1, 2009

5 Degrees of Inspiration

Don't forget there is a blog party with virtual food and drink and real prize giveaways. And lots of links at the party site of others like me who are participating in this event.

Things that inspire me:

Color: I am a big fan of purple and teal together; also really like orange and red together.

Nature: I really like to draw birds the most, followed by other animals - elephants, tigers, giraffes, you get the idea....

Language: I love the English, the double entendre, puns and the like. I am addicted to crossword puzzles and word games (Scrabble mostly).

Architecture: I frequently see patterns in buildings that inspire me to be creative in abstract ways instead of always striving for realism.

Sleeping: Don't laugh; I frequently get extremely creative ideas while sleeping/dreaming and often solve creative blocks in a semiconscious state.

Stop on over at Inspiration Avenue and join in the fun!


  1. Hi Vicki~
    I am so glad I am not the only one that gets inspired by sleep!

    Happy Saturday!

  2. LOL!!! well done!!! love reading about your inspirations esp sleeping!! that is great!! thanks for partying with us and good luck w the giveaways :))HUGS!!

  3. I enjoyed reading where you find your sources of inspiration! Sleep is superb isn't it. I have the strangest dreams sometimes! x

  4. It was fabulous getting to hear about what inspires you most Vicki! I love your description of architecture and sleeping and I share them with you!

    Ok, now lets scoot off in a corner and play a round of Scrabble, shall we?! ;-)

    All the best ~ Sharon

  5. Just stopping by to leave a comment from all of us and to thank you for joining in the fun today!
    ♥Sharon & the Girls of Inspiration Avenue

  6. Great post Vicki - it's so interesting to read what inspires other artists!

  7. I'm definitely not laughing at the inspiration from sleep- I get ideas when I'm laying in bed or dreaming, too. :)

    And hooray for loving crossword puzzles and word games- those are fun!

  8. Sleep is a good inspiration. I get the best ideas while asleep and hope I remember them when I awaken.