Monday, August 3, 2009


I tried my hand at encaustic painting with an iron yesterday and am not at all displeased with the result. I tried not to "guide" the iron too much and had no set end in sight. The hubster really likes it.

With the mess I made on the table pad, I used a heat gun to melt it and then just pushed a piece of card stock through it to make a background and then I collaged a bit using PPA.

I am just about to hit the road to drive 4 hours north to my Mom's house and don't know how much internet time I will have. I have an online photography class on Wednesday and am expecting to go to the library with my MacBook to watch that. If I don't get a chance to blog before then, I will at least have a small post then.

Gotta go.....


  1. It has really interesting texture on it - I think it's kinda pretty. Did you use a full-size iron or one of those little Clover irons? A small one might give some control, if you want to try moving the wax around on the card. Have fun with your mum. hugs, nancy

  2. enjoy! i must say the first pic sure looks interesting!!

  3. I love the encaustic work especially, but all your work is lovely.

  4. ooo, love the top image. looks like feathers!