Friday, August 14, 2009

A Bird in the Hand

I made Emeril's Chili for dinner last evening and just as I was finishing I heard a loud splash in the creek just outside the kitchen window. I looked out to see my "friend", the blue heron. Actually I think this wasn't the one I usually see. It appeared a bit smaller; perhaps a youngster or a female.

They are so skittish. I sneaked into my art room, changed lenses on my camera and then went on tiptoe from room to room trying to find the best place to take a picture. Unfortunately I had to take the picture through a screen and didn't really have time to fiddle with the settings on the camera. I am pretty pleased with this picture even though it is quite "noisy".

Later I got out a canvas board that I had covered in red months ago and put aside. I had this notion that I wanted to get my hands in paint so I put out some Titanium White paint and sprayed a bit of water into it, mixed it up and put my hands in it and then just put my prints on the board. From there I went through a couple of O! magazines to find hands to add. I don't know where this is going, but as I was drifting off to sleep last night I was thinking of "hand" phrases - a bird in the hand, I gotta hand it to you, hand it over, many hands make small work..... I think I will let these ideas stew a bit in my head and then play with it some more.

I am going to Nancy's this morning. We will spend a bit of time at her house - I love looking at what she has been working on - and then I think we are going into Ann Arbor to the Treasure Mart. She is the person who actually took me there for the first time last year. What a great place to browse. They have everything imaginable covering three floors. Better wear my walking shoes!

Gotta go get that first cup of coffee and decide what I am going to do with these first couple of hours of the day before I get ready to go.......


  1. Well, Miss Early Bird, I love your heron photo - I has a softness to it that is quite charming. Great start on the "hands" piece .... I'll mull it over while I await your arrival! hugs, nancy

  2. Love the Heron photo! And your hands canvas is coming along beautifully. What fun going to Treasure Mart. One of my most favorite places also! look forward to seeing your canvas progess.

  3. That photo is beautiful, moody and ethereal. I'd hang it on my wall.

  4. It looks like a young heron to me. They like to roost in my back yard at night. I only see them early in the morning and just as the sun is going down. great photo.

  5. I love that you were able to capture a photo of the heron. How neat to have one in your back yard. With your hand collage I would just say to remember to have a focal point, maybe more contrast, and more layering. You may have to re-do the hands as you add things, or you might like the lost and found of them, or the positive/negative of them.