Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hands Collage and Flowers

I have added a bit to the hand collage, but feel it is still not done. I am going to leave it where I can see it until an idea strikes. I do find it funny that I feel that I need to add a glove. Whenever I see/hear/think "on the other hand", I immediately think "she wore a glove". Don't you??

I have a pile of new things to try; some mine and some loaned by my friend, Nancy. Yesterday I decided to try the Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils she loaned to me. I like them, but think I overdid the color. The petals of this flower should be lighter and somehow the middle should be more 3D. The whole thing appears too flat to me. The ultimate insult came when the hubster ventured into my art room and I showed it to him. I made the mistake of asking him if he could identify what kind of flower it was and knew it was a huge mistake when he said, "Is it a tulip?" There is absolutely nothing in common between a tulip and a rose of sharon!! Ack!

Going to try my hand at making 3 post cards for my Postcrossing friends. I have cardboard cut to the right size. I need to decide whether I want to start with some paper as a background or paint or maybe both. Sounds like the perfect opportunity to play!!

Time for my second cup of coffee and get started on my day. See you tomorrow.......


  1. Vicki
    I love everything that you have done with the hand. Don't get it too cluttered. Just an idea when all is said and done how about spraying the whole thing with a mist to unite all the parts I have also used a light amount of webbing(this adds some depth also to the whole piece. I did a piece recently with masking tape, added a couple of colors and than put versamark all over it and added clear embossing powder It really gave a neat finished texture

  2. Well, goodness, your Rose of Sharon looks nothing like a tulip! Was he wearing his glasses? lol Anyway, I think it's a fine start - I think it needs a bit more value contrast to give it depth. hugs, nancy

  3. Vicki,
    yes,i never ask the hubby for an opinion.
    your flower looks correct and lovely to me, i would only suggest a little shading toward the center to give itsome depth.

    some shading or darkening around the edge of the collage might be all it needs. i love it
    thanks for sharing, sherrie