Monday, August 10, 2009

Finishing Up and Free Online Class Announcement

I have spent the past couple of days finishing up some projects. I painted the sides of the giraffe collage and the small wooden pieces I'd made. I sealed the bird ATCs to send to Canada for the International exhibition and swap, I added another coat of PPA glossy to the flowered napkin on wood wall hanging and sealed the wax abstract and adhered it to a piece of mat board.

I am going up to the Maple Street Mall today to help the hubster get his new space set up and hope to put some of my things there as well. The hard part is knowing how to price them. First we are meeting his sister and a friend for lunch. Afterward I hope to come home and play. Hopefully my muse will be in residence!

If you have read my blog before you know that I took a free online digital photography course. I loved it. It was easy (they sent a link to the class each week) and very informative. Today I received another newsletter from Creative Techs in which they announced another round of free online courses - even longer in time and greater in scope. Here is a portion of that newsletter:

September: Free Photoshop, Photography, & Web Classes!

I spent (yet another) weekend getting our September course list posted. The upcoming class calendar looks pretty cool. Take a look through the slate of upcoming free classes, and sign up for a couple that catch your interest:

Photoshop Course (6-Months!)
Digital Photography Course (10-Weeks)
Lightroom Course (10-Weeks)
Dreamweaver Course (10-Weeks)

Here is the link to check them out:

I have already signed up for the Photoshop course. When I was using it everyday, I was quite proficient at it, but it has been a long time and, frankly, I could use a refresher. And it's free!

I hope to get some new art started today - or maybe I will finish some of the unfinished projects - and hope to share with you tomorrow.

Bye for now.....


  1. Oh, how you put me to shame with all you completion of projects! I'm checking out the classes, too. Thanks for the info.... gotta go - I have a baby quilt to finish .. LOL hugs, nancy

  2. I took the 4 week classes and I thinkI will sign up for the photoshop one aswell.


  3. Thank you very much for the heads up on the free on-line classes - just finished signing up!

  4. Does one need to own the entire Photoshop program or will Elements suffice? Thanks!

  5. I think there will be some overlap between Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, at least early in the classes.

    It will be Photoshop driven, so I don't know if they will make mention of Elements when they are describing some of the lessons.

    Since it is free, it wouldn't hurt to attend and I think you might learn a lot during the initial classes.