Monday, August 17, 2009

Lovin' Monday Morning

Before I retired, I was a secondary mathematics teacher and Monday was my favorite day. No matter what had transpired the week before, it always felt like a new beginning. Now quite often I don't know what day it is, and that is a good feeling too.

I worked a bit more on my "hands" collage last evening. The new parts are not glued down yet and as a matter of fact after taking the picture below I added some round flat wood letters that spell hand in a vertical arrangement along the lower right. I am not sure yet where this is going, but will let it happen later today when I sit to contemplate it.

Most of yesterday was spent rearranging my art room. I moved the wireless printer all the way to the other end of the house in my walk in closet. I have a long counter in there when that used to be my sewing center and I have a small bookcase in there where I took my assortment of printer paper - photo paper, business card blanks, labels, overhead acetates.....

I also took an old table out of the closet portion of my space and moved my work table in there. Now I am not tripping over it. I am hoping to get things organized enough that like things are in the same area so I do not have to do a major search to find things for a project.

I found a couple of things at Treasure Mart when I was there with Nancy on Thursday last week, mostly old buttons, but I did get a metal "umbrella stand" with butterflies stuck on it at a garage sale on the way there. By the time I got home and started cleaning my art space, I decided it wasn't an umbrella stand at all. It was a paper holder. Don't you just love multipurpose accessories??

Last evening when the hubster was making dinner he called to me to tell me that the kingfisher was in the tulip tree outside the kitchen window. It was 90ยบ + so the house was shut up and the AC on, so I had to do my best through a window with a screen on it. I am quite certain that if he heard me sneaking up outside, he would have been long gone. No matter - his profile cannot be mistaken for any other kind of bird.

Gotta go....see you soon!


  1. It's fun to find you here... I love the direction you are heading, with the painting.

    I had breakfast out on the deck and heard a woodpecker working on the willow in front. I rue the day
    it has to be cut.. always feel the threat of large limbs, when the
    wind comes up. I can see one that
    came part way down in last weeks storm.
    Our goal is always organization. I
    for one plan to go to the "ROOM" &
    make fun today, if nothing else.
    Hope you come to the Sept. meeting, and bring the hands.. Billie

  2. Thanks for the visit and nice comments.

    I'm am so hoping to make the Muskegon meeting in September, but haven't signed up yet.

    My Mom may be having some troublesome company then and has asked me to stand by to come and visit if needed.

    As soon as she has a definite for their arrival, I will be better able to make plans.


  3. Love your new paper holder Vickie. I am a retired art teacher, and I always looked forward to Mondays too. Now that I am retired everyday is a play day. I love the new bird shot, and the work you have done on your collage. It is looking great.

  4. No doubt about it, it's much better suited for paper than brellies! I like the direction your "hands collage" is going - keep up the good work. hugs, nancy

  5. what a handsome bird!!

    and good for you for re-arranging your art space. that's always refreshing.