Friday, December 10, 2010

Fettered Friday and A Blind Contour

I really wanted to use hog-tied, not fettered, but the desire for an alliterative name took precedence.

I have so many ideas about how I might finish a handmade journal that I find myself settling for inactivity instead of making a decision. For instance, the small journal with the French Link stitch that I showed yesterday is waiting for a cover decision. I have chosen the paper and it is a perfect choice. The big decision that I am a bit iffy on is whether to just glue the tapes to the outside as they are; or to cut them to staggered lengths and then glue them; or to cut slits into the covers and pull them through and glue them on the inside; or whether to use decorative stitching to hold them to the covers with or without glue. Ack!!!!!!!

I think that a part of me is afraid to try making slits in the cover in case I mess it up. I need to remind myself that it is only paper and try it. The slitted option is what I am most interested in trying and I think I am going to grab the bull by the horns and try it later this morning.

Do you find yourself in similar circumstances when you are contemplating doing some kind of creative activity?

By the way, do you notice the new graphic over on the right? The Sketchbook Challenge begins on 1/1/2011. Read all about it here or click on the gadget on the right. I am hoping to use this as incentive to remember to draw every day next year. What about you? Are you up for the challenge? I double dog dare you!!!

I am happy to report that I have actually remembered to do a blind contour today. It is not necessarily a wonderful sketch to show you, but I really like the practice and am pleased that I remembered. I used my left hand (as it was near to hand, hah!) coiled a bit in a relaxed pose.

I think it would help a bit to put in the inside lines and such, but for now I am limiting myself to the outside contour.

I have my little girls today - Miss 3 will be brought out here by her Mom around 1:00 pm and Little Miss 7 will ride the bus to my house. I've talked to my son and he is picking up his Little Miss 7 from school around 4 pm. He is planning to come out, too. We will bake and decorate Christmas cookies tonight. I think I will also get out markers, wine corks, buttons, and glue and see what kind of decorations these crafty little ones will come up with.

I think the girls are probably staying overnight. Maybe they'll help Poppa make pancakes in the morning. They just love to get their aprons on and cook.

I really need to get some good pix of these three girls. Most of the time they are at my house, they are so wound up, all I get are blurs. Here is one of my favorites from summer of this year.

My girl tribe.

Of course, it is already almost 4 months later. Where does the time go?

I'm going to get another mug of coffee and then am hoping to get on the treadmill and still get the cover of the French Link book done today.



  1. Hey, girl, go for it! I have no idea where your slit will go but it sounds like all your creativity is pointing in that direction. Please post when you get it done. Your girl tribe looks enchanting! You are so lucky to have them and to be able to spend so much time with them.

  2. Hi Vicki, Very nice blind contour drawing! I could tell before I read it that your hand was coiled up! Superb. There really is such a thing as "getting better" at these things. I'm intrigued by your journals; most impressive.

  3. Well, HELLO FELLOW ARTIST!!! I so know what you mean, about inactivity. Just the thought of a sketch a day challenge gives me the willies!!! I mean, I just got over a 3 week writer's block, no brick wall - it wasn't just a block. And paint? Uh, I don't think so.
    Finally got thru it and now am cursing the limited 24 hours in a day. Ha!
    So happy to meet you. I'll definitely link up w/ the other artist, although I often just call myself a 'painter' - takes the pressure off in some sort of twisted way.
    And, hey, thanks for stopping by today!

  4. You are awesome! Ack, indeed! You're just not sure what you want to do exactly, but you'll figure it out and it will be splendid! The little cuties are darling .... you are so lucky to have them so close by. I miss you. hugs, nancy

  5. I like the look of the blind contour, it is like a hand foot, but you can tell you had your fingertips forward. Thanks for the information on the Sketchbook Challenge, I'm up for the challenge (I hope)

  6. It will be beautiful,whichever way you decide to do it!! That's a great contour drawing; really like the finger tips!

    Sweet girls!!

  7. I haven't done blind contour in a while. I love how it really makes you see what you're drawing.

  8. I feel you re the "settling for inactivity instead of making a decision". Not only in case of where to go with one project but also in general - too many ideas to make become reality, too many projects I'd like to do... and it makes me feel paralyzed! My advice: Be brave and just do it! You're so right, it's just paper!
    (You have the cutest girl gang ever!)

  9. Great contour and I just love the tribe pic. Beautiful girls. :)