Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Whoaful Wednesday

Yes, I made up that word (you've no doubt heard of woeful, but that is such a sad word) and it means (according to the Faint Heart Art dictionary) "characterized by a need for things to slow down".

It is the middle of December already and I still haven't recovered from the whooshing by of September, October and November. I think we need to borrow some of the people working on the global warming phenomenon and put them to work on the speeding time phenomenon.

But, time is wasting, I need to get on with this post because the telephone just rang interrupting my train of thought. It was the daughter asking if I could take the girls today. Of course, I said "Of course". The only thing is it means that I won't be getting to my next book today. But in its place, Little Miss 3 and I will be having an art day. And maybe when Little Miss 7 gets off the bus, she will join us. I will try to have some fantabulous (yes that is a made up word, but I can't take credit for it), artful things to show you tomorrow.

Meantime, I did get "Under Mad Anthony's Banner" finished yesterday and it is by far my favorite to date. I am getting much better at the coptic stitch and am determined to try a 2 needle soon. I am going to try it on a small book so that I only require 2 needles. Stay tuned for that one.

Here are a few pix:

a picture from the original book as front end paper

a picture from the original book as back end paper

The hubster tells me that we are going to have a warm up today, and then he tells me that it is going to get all the way up to 21º F. I don't know about you, but even though this is almost 10 degrees warmer than the last two days, I find it hard to use warm and 21º F in the same sentence.

I'm still in my jimjams and on my first mug of coffee and the girls are coming around noon, so if I am going to get anything done at all today, I'd best get on my horse. I may just stay in the jimjams all day though. There is no law against creating art in your pajamas; at least I don't think there is.

I will be adding "Under Mad Anthony's Banner to my "Handmade Books" page and it will be available for purchase. There is still time to get a journal in time for Christmas if you order soon *-)



  1. That is a work of art...what kind of stitch is that? What lovely work you're doing with these books, how can you stand to give them up for sale?

  2. That turned out beautifully!

    Oh, I would be so happy to live closer and have art days with you!

  3. Your book looks great and very original, what paper did you use?

  4. Nice work on the handmade book.I hope you enjoyed your art day!