Monday, December 13, 2010

Maelstrom Monday

What a weekend! I'm afraid I didn't get much done in terms of art - or at least I don't have much to show. On Friday we had Little Miss 3 from midday on and Little Miss 7 got off the bus here. Then my son brought his Little Miss 7 out and the 3 girls helped Poppa bake cookies and then joined Nana at the table to mix up colored frosting and do some decorating. My son's Little Miss 7 had to leave just before dinner, but the other two stayed overnight and until after noon on Saturday. I took a nap Saturday afternoon!

My son had his office Christmas party on Saturday so he brought his Little Miss 7 out to stay with us around 5 pm and picked her up around 11 pm. We had lots of fun with her, but I don't have anything to show for it. We did a lot of reading, talking and snuggling - a lot of very important stuff!

I did spend a little time doing some art yesterday. I cut slits in some cover stock and threaded the ribbons through it on the small book I showed you on Friday. I am not yet happy with it - the covers feel a little flimsy, so I may be adding some endpapers for added support. I prepped the hard covers for my next coptic stitch journal and this time I am going to try the 2-needle variety. I am looking forward to getting that done today.

I have a hair cut mid-morning. All the area schools are closed due to blowing and drifting snow, but we expect the roads to be fine by then. The hubster is driving - isn't he the sweetest? I really dislike driving on roads that may be slick here and there.

I had a lovely surprise on Saturday. I received a Christmas card from Vivian Swift. She is the author of "When Wanderers Cease to Roam" and has a delightful blog. Do check it out. Here is my card:

Receiving the card was a surprise even though I had asked for one. You see, she announced on her blog that she was sending cards to the first 25 people who emailed her with a request for one. As it turns out she got 46 requests and I believe she sent one to each of them. I didn't know if I had gotten my email to her in time, but was thrilled to receive this as an early Christmas present. Thanks, Vivian!

Speaking of Christmas cards, if I am going to get the few I send each year made, I'd better get on my horse. Do you believe December is almost half over already?

It is my dear brother-in-law's birthday today. Happy, happy birthday, Tom!

So much to do, so little time.



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