Thursday, December 16, 2010

Guest Artists

I had Little Miss 3 nearly all day yesterday and then at 4:30 her sister, Little Miss 7 arrived via the school bus. We did a bit of art at the kitchen table and the girls really had a good time.

Little Miss 3 was in dress up clothes - a black leotard with a sparkly, flared skirt and pink flip flops. These days almost before she has her boots and jacket off, she asks if she can go in the dress up room (formerly the little girls room) and get changed. This child wears me out. She sings and dances nearly all day and changes her name all the while. I am supposed to remember not to call her Morgan, but to call her Belle, Snow White, Jessie, or some other name. She also has a number of imaginary friends including a wolf (the very first one), a ducky, a bear, and Lisi (I don't know if this is a person or an animal). When she tells me that they want to talk to me and I forget and answer them while looking at her, she reminds me that I am not talking to her that I should be looking to the side and talking to her friend. She is a hoot! However, there are days where I am not sure she is keeping me young. I sometimes think she is aging me, but oh how I love that child.

Little Miss 7 is a dear also and no longer wears me out so much. She loves to read and frequently asks me to find her crossword puzzles for kids online that I can print out for her. It is a joy to sit with her and give her hints when she is stuck. She is smart and funny and has the most beautiful red hair. She lived with me for her first year and again a couple of years ago for about 10 months while her Mom was house shopping. I feel that she and I have a really special relationship because of that. She sometimes tells me that she wishes she and her sister and her Mom lived with me. It is a lovely sentiment in theory, but I really need my space and so does her mother. They have a lovely house and are very happy there.

Here are a couple of pix of the guest artists in action:

After dinner we took the girls to their house, got them bathed and into bed and then settled in to wait for their Mother to get home from work. We got home around 11:00 pm. A long but really fun day.

Tonight we are going to my son's Little Miss 7's Christmas program at her school. I will have to remember to make sure my camera battery is fully charged and get some pix.

So, for those of you who celebrate Christmas, are you ready? nearly ready? I still have to do the wrapping and after the program tonight I have to pick up food for dinner on Tuesday (we are celebrating on the 21st) and some food for the annual family Christmas party (in Ann Arbor this year) on Sunday. This is surely a busy time of year.

I hope yours is going smoothly and that you are surrounded by those you love and those who love you.



  1. Vicki, What a beautiful and uplifting post this morning! Your daughter and granddaughters are blessed to have you in their lives!

  2. Grandchildren really are the payback for having raised their parents...going thru the teen years with my daughter nearly sent me to the funny farm, but oh! how I loved her boy, my first and only grandchild who now has a sweet little boy of his own...they are treasures.

    I'm as ready as I'll ever be...all gift cards sent, one gift exchange to take place after Christmas. I'll be glad when it's all over with and life gets back to a normal pace.

  3. Beautiful girls Vicki, I look forward to the day when I have some grandchildren to fill the house:)

  4. What a delight to read about the little ones. It appears that theater and a writer may be in the future. Alas, I'm slow on Christmas this year.

  5. I always love seeing how your guest artists work! =) You're such an inspiration yo young talents!

  6. I love these photos - I am sure you are a shining light in their lives.

  7. I love these photos - I am sure you are a shining light in their lives.

  8. They sound an exhausting and delightful pair.It is so lovely that they are enjoying their art - may it continue for years to come (and I am sure it will with your guidance).