Thursday, December 9, 2010

Threaded Thursday

I have finished the "Good Luck" book using Folio paper that I bought at Dick Blick. This is a vellum finish paper that is meant for, among other purposes, watercolor, pastel, charcoal and pencil. The book has 5 signatures with 3 folios in each for a total of 60 pages. It is finished with a coptic stitch and I actually finally used my Crop-A-Dile to punch prettier holes in the cover. Now I just have to practice setting eyelets with it. It will be for sale on the "Handmade Books" page.

It has the original endpapers on the inside of the covers.

The book is approximately 4 3/4" x 7 1/2"

I also made a smaller blank journal using acid free lighter weight paper and sewed it over tapes. I am quite happy with the outcome. I just have to decide on covers. I was originally going to use vinyl covered book board covers, but think I may go with something a little lighter. Stay tuned:

This is a French Link Stitch.

Today I have work to do for the website I maintain. I need to update all the pictures and add their latest special event. This will take several hours after I drive to Mason to retrieve the pictures. I am hoping to decide on the covers for this 3 1/2" x 4 3/8" book and get it attached also.

Anything else I manage to accomplish will be icing on the cake, and you know I really don't need any cake. I've crept back up into the high 160s and liked it much better in the lower 160s. I have come to realize that 160 might be my ideal weight. I am still "in love" with 145, but that was my 30-something weight and now that I am in my late 50s that is no longer realistic.

The hubster cut some luan to a 4" x 5" size. I am going to try using it for book covers. I haven't decided whether or not to paint on it or just cover it with vinyl like the book board I use. I think my next book will be made like the "I Dare You" book, but the book being repurposed is called, "Training the Dog". I am thinking of reinforcing the spine from the inside and then cutting slits so I can make a long stitch journal. More later.....

I need another mug of coffee and then I'd better get this day started.

Thank you so much for visiting. I hope you have time to leave a comment or suggestion.



  1. I hope when I make my first book it will be a success due to your postings----I think I was meant to make one as what you do and say it so interesting to me..I'm waiting for Hollanders order to arrive and know what THAT day will be about for sure. I really like all the methods you have tried and the ribbon one is quite special...I'm so looking forward to see how it turns out. the Good Luck one is sooooo precious. NOw I must get my 2nd cup of coffee and do the crossword puzzle to sharpen the brain....winna

  2. Winna,

    I hope you will share your book once it is made. Don't you just LOVE Hollander's.


  3. You did a beautiful job of stitching your signatures, Vicki. Your finished book is beautiful!

  4. Two more beautiful books! You continue to inspire and amaze me. I can't wait until we get together. hugs, nancy

  5. Wow! You sketchbook makers are so impressive. I love the vintage look.

  6. Have you ever used the folio paper before? What weight does it come in? These are so nice! Love that ribbon!

  7. You certainly have found your niche! You make it seem to easy to to make one.