Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thumbs Up Thursday

I made the most wonderful personal discovery yesterday. I LOVE making books with a curved needle. I purchased a set of three curved needles from Hollander's about a year ago when I first got seriously interested in making books and wanted to try the coptic stitch. Somehow I had the notion that they would be very difficult to use, so they were never tried. While straightening my work room the other day I found them still in their little envelope in the original packaging they were shipped in and decided to try using one.

What an epiphany! They take all the frustration out of the coptic stitch. I went from feeling tense and discombobulated to feeling like I could do anything. I actually sat down and stitched my latest book without any unpleasantness. There was no smoke coming out my ears, there were no angry "bad" words. I cannot wait for the next book.

Also while rummaging around in my work room, I rediscovered the album covers I purchased at a garage sale some years ago. Oh, the memories! I am sure many of you don't remember 33 1/3 rpm vinyl records, but I surely do! At any rate, this is my latest book using a part of the album cover for the covers.

For purchase info, click here.

I want to try 2 needle coptic stitch and more stitching over ribbons, cords, etc., but also need to get back to sketching and painting. I have a few book kits with unfinished book board covers. I may have to play with some art on the covers of those. That ought to get the creative juices flowing.

Meanwhile, I need more coffee and a crossword puzzle to properly get this day started, so I bid you adieu and hope to see you again tomorrow.



  1. I really like all the books you've been making. They're wonderful!

  2. I DO remember 33s and 45s with great memory for the art on the covers and the music within.

  3. Another beauty! I'm excited about getting together and making another book. You can teach me alot! hugs, nancy

  4. I think I need to look for my curved needles! Great book! Isn't it addictive?

  5. This sure looks cool! I received the book of yours I bought and think it is so cool too.
    could you tell me what kind of paper it is---it is soooo nice...your work is very neat and precise...winna

  6. How cool would a record album sized, beautifully copic sttiched book be for Fearless Morning Drawing?!!!