Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Temperate Tuesday

Here is part of the listing for 'temperate' in the thesaurus: self-restrained, restrained, moderate, self-controlled, disciplined; abstemious, self-denying, austere, ascetic; teetotal, abstinent.

The meaning I am referring to is "self-controlled, disciplined".

As I find myself looking into the maw of the new year, I find that I am drawn to make some resolutions and being more disciplined is one of mine. I find that I am not structured enough in my day. Don't get me wrong, I don't want a schedule, but I don't want to waste so much time either. Some days I find it is getting dark (granted that is pretty early in the day) and I haven't accomplished much at all.

For example, I intended to do a small watercolor yesterday and I did not. I didn't totally waste the day, but I didn't get to the watercolor. Granted I am not feeling up to par, but I am afraid that is not a really good excuse. I just have a head cold and am a little achy and unsteady. It seems like the unsteady part might actually contribute to a better chance to make a really loose painting (she said with a smile).

I did make a shopping list, clean the refrigerator, go to Meijer and get the groceries, put the groceries away, make pea soup, work a few crossword puzzles, make dinner and do dishes, but that doesn't seem like a great deal to get done in a whole day. Oh, and I sketched a bird.

I have a few things that I would like to accomplish in 2011 and I like making lists, so here goes:

- set aside time for art each day
- participate in the sketchbook challenge
- go to a life drawing session
- learn to do digital art (take the time to really learn Art Rage)

And more in general:

- listen more
- spend more time with family and friends
- get more sleep
- keep a cleaner house
- cook more
- budget my time and my money better

I am sure I am forgetting something very important, but these will do for a start. What about you? Do you make resolutions? I don't generally make New Year's resolutions because I am forever nagging myself to change, but I thought it might be a good idea to actually write them down.

Oh, here is the little sketch I did get done yesterday.

This is supposed to be a yellow warbler. I think I should have drawn his beak open in song.

I am off to have a healthy breakfast and then walk the treadmill and then am going to set aside a bit of time to do nothing but art. I also need to get another journal made. I think I will make one for the Sketchbook Challenge. It will be fun to actually write in one of my own.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to "see" you again tomorrow.



  1. I think you actually got a lot done, especially if you've got a cold. Easy for me to say...I'm the first one to kick myself around for not getting the things done that I wanted to. The warbler is very nice, maybe he's a study for a future watercolor. Morning exercise may help raise the energy level, I know it does for me. Be nice to yourself, you deserve it!

  2. Maybe he is just humming today. He is very cute.

  3. I love Warbler! He looks like He is making resolutions for His songs this year.

  4. You amaze me. You get more done in one day than anyone I know. I hope you're feeling better soon. I think your little bird is making up an new song and is just about ready to start to warble. hugs, nancy

  5. You got a ton of stuff done and even a small sketch, now, I dont know if its just me, but you did much better than... well, lets say "Me"
    I really like your list and I can so relate to what you wrote, maybe I should make one too and paste on my studio wall (also make a few copies for the rest of the house, so I dont find a excuse to miss it).
    Cute bird & Happy New Year!!!

  6. If you do half of what you want to do next year, it will be a lot. I like your warbler. They are not always singing, you know. :)

  7. Some days I'm lucky if my major accomplishment is sweeping the floor. I'm at the point in my life where a spic and span house is the least of my priorities, this after years of being a neatnik who drove the family crazy. I make sure the kitchen and bathrooms are clean...the rest can wait until I'm good and ready.

    I don't make resolutions, never have. I don't know of anyone who makes and keeps them, do you?

  8. It's not easy to get going if you don't feel well, the bird is lovely!