Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Woot! Woot! Wednesday

Welcome December!!

I've sold two journals this week and I am thrilled. I hope the artists who've bought them are as thrilled with them as I am. It was really a bit hard to send them out. I was quite attached to them.

I finished the grid journal yesterday and love its size and look. It is vinyl covered with 7 signatures with 7 folios in each and is 5" x 4". I wrapped each of the signatures in a flecked paper that is a bit heavier than the grid paper to give it a bit of color and a little bit more solidity.

As you can see I took the pictures too soon. I still need to put it in the book press to get it to flatten a bit.

I've also revamped my business card to better reflect what it is I do. I am quite pleased with the result. As you can see I've used a portion of my art that is my header on this blog. Comments/critique welcome.

I had the girls overnight again last night. I really don't get much sleep with the two of them in my bed. Little Miss 7 squirms and rotates throughout the night. It is a wonder I don't get up in the morning all black and blue. The hubster was kind enough to take them home this morning so I could stay in my jimjams and drink coffee as I prepare for my day.

This is definitely going to be a treadmill day, a book making day, and a stay inside day. There is some peculiar white stuff outside on the ground!!

Time to get this party started!!



  1. Awesome post. Congrats on your sales as well! I sold a few of my art pieces last week so I'll jump with you. ha ha ha.

  2. The books must be what you were referring to when you said you think you were lost and now found? Definitely seems like you've found your stride here and you're producing some awesome books! Congratulations on the sales!

  3. Congratulation on the sale of the books! Way to go. However, I hope you aren't finished with watercolor painting and drawing.

    White stuff? Like snow? That's enough to send me to the chair beside the fireplace with a cup of British Blend tea by Tetley, which is what I happen to be having right now.


  4. Very nice book! I do love seeing your creations. Way to go!

  5. I've always liked your header, the bit you used for the business cards looks great!

  6. I love the new look of your card. That painting is wonderful and it looks great on it. The book is pretty cool, and your idea of wrapping the signatures with a slightly heavier paper was a really good idea! hugs, nancy

  7. Forgot, love that card!! But, does it have your actual name on it somewhere?

  8. Your new card looks great, and congrats on selling two books!

  9. Congratulations on the sales - wonderful news. I like the look of your new business cards!

  10. Congrats on the sales! I'm always happy when an artist sells something. :) Great business card, I like it. Nice and colorful.