Monday, December 6, 2010

Mad, Mad Monday

I'm still trying to be alliterative with my titles and it is getting difficult, but since I am going to show you some of my first art works using Art Rage Studio Pro, I thought this would work.

I think I will begin with the one I like the best. I use a Wacom tablet which makes sketching and painting feel more like the real thing. This is a rough sketch of my son's Little Miss 7. She is a beautiful little girl with gorgeous eyes. This sketch isn't all that good, except I think it looks like her, which is really difficult for me to do.

Sorry it is a little light, but if you click on it, you will see it better.

Art Rage is a computer drawing/painting program that I used a little bit about a year ago. I had version 2.5 then. I just upgraded to Studio Pro and am trying to learn all about it. There is much to learn and I am promising myself that I will do something with it every day so that I can really learn how to use it to the fullest.

This is my first attempt using the watercolor brush in this program. I need to learn better how to use the presets and settings to optimize the tools. I used a photo I had as a reference.

I really need to learn better how to use the watercolor brush and layers.

I also tried to colorize the girl sketch from the other day. It was really difficult, but I did most of it in Art Rage and then exported it (layers and all) into Photoshop to finish. I love how this program works seamlessly with Photoshop. I think I can use some of the settings and presets of Photoshop in Art Rage, but haven't tried that yet.

Here, for what it is worth, is my girl sketch with color.

I liked her better as just a pencil sketch, but I am learning how to use this program.

And finally I played a bit with their stencils that come with the program to make this little flower.

I've gotta admit it was fun to play with this.

That is all I have for today. I hope to get a couple of books done today so I can share them. I am doing a coptic stitch with the "Good Luck" book covers and an open spine over tapes with another.

For now, I have to get in the shower. I am going into town with a friend to finish up my Christmas shopping. It is freezing (wind chill 9ยบ F.) and I'd much rather just bundle up and play in my art room, but I am hopeful that I can finish up today and then wrap at my leisure.

I'm so glad you came to visit today and really appreciate your friendship and your comments/critiques. I hope you have a wonderful day. Keep warm and hold close those you love.



  1. Your butterfly really shows the "watercolor" effect with your Art Rage program. And I really love the little flower. It reminds me of the Photoshop repeat designs you made a while back.

  2. I love digital art,,,,,,,,,,I do many parrots and have sold many also. Try this site and play around.
    Have fun

  3. OH my goodness! You have lost me with all this digital's all Greek to me. But I do love that you're playing around with all the applications...I like the effect of watercolor in the butterfly and the little flower...would make a cute card. Have fun playing and keep us posted with the progress.

  4. I knew who she was the moment I laid eyes on her! Well done, my friend!! Oh you little techie, you. I can't believe all the things you know how to do .. and do well, I might add! hugs, nancy

  5. Some achievement there! All a well done Vicki =)

  6. I like how you experimented with the tool. They all look lovely. I especially like the girl's expression :-)

  7. I think it is wonderful that you're pushing yourself to learn so many things! That's a great flower and the portrait of little miss 7 looks great!

    With the second portrait, I think I would try using a little larger brush, and making the color of the lines a little closer to the color of the skin. A little less contrast here would take the attention off the lines a little. You have a great base drawing though. Are you using layers? (I've never used Artrage or Photoshop to paint digitally; I have Corel Painter) You can turn off some layers, and basically start again with a new layer. Then you don't lose anything and by turning off/on the layers you can test out different approaches! This takes a little pressure off!

  8. Hi Vicki...your new artwork is gorgeous.I always perk up when I read about another Digital Art or Paint program. TFS.

  9. Now that looks like a fun program to use. You're getting the hang of it!

  10. Interesting as I ahve been hearing lots about this Wacom tablet and thinking about getting one. I, too, like your girl just as a sketch, but you gotta play around with something to figure out how the program works. Nice sketch of your daughter. :)