Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hello February

This will be the first full day in the condo in Pensacola Beach. It is foggy and gray, but the temperature is in the mid-50s already this morning. It says it is 60 in Pensacola, but we are two islands out from there so I am guessing it is not quite as warm.

We need to make a trip into Gulf Breeze to stock up on groceries and basic supplies this morning; then we hope to try out the gym here in the building.

I checked into the Sketchbook Challenge - the theme for February is Opposites. I got a pen and my sketchbook and made a few quick sketches. I may add some color later. I am not sure I got the "sad" face quite right but maybe some color will help. Maybe I should have labeled them young and old instead.

I am hoping to do some sketching outside later and may try to capture the long legged birds on the beach.
Until then keep warm and I hope you have some good reading material and fun art supplies if you are going to be snowed in.



  1. I was just writing about the snow since I am in the Central California fog belt and would LOVE some different weather!

    I hope your beach time is creatively fruitful. I am grateful I found you today via Creative Every Day!

    My weekly check in.

  2. Take some pix of the longlegged birds, maybe I can help ID them. Glad you were able to get out of the cold. Have you seen the weather reports? MO is a state of emergency. Chicago is expecting 20+ inches and 18 ft waves covering Lakeshore Dr.

    I've been on a couple of whirlwind bird seeking trips. Fri left for Reno/Sparks with Rita and the author of our NV birds book. I'll send an email about our finds...very exciting for this old girl.

    Enjoy your vacation out of the cold.

  3. Can you believe it is February already?? Thanks for telling me what the theme is for this month, saves me looking it up, hehe.

  4. Hope you are having a good time. Please send me the info on this condo. Do theyallow Kitty Cats to come. I want to do that. My Nikon is going to leave me for warm weather. I think Nikon is tired of white, and me moaning about getting shoe full of the melting stuff. Toes in the sand sounds so good. My Beach is cold. Will show you today.

    Wonderful! Yes, bird photos if possible.

  5. It's getting cold again down here in the South. Since I'll be working outside most the time, I must say I have a mixed feeling about it. I hate to try to figure out what I should be wearing, but I love being cold and dry more than being hot and wet ^^

  6. I am sitting under 5' of ice and snow in Boston, so I am VERY jealous of your ability to just walk outside and sketch a bit. That won't happen till May, around here!

  7. Good grief, I'm so far behind (over 200 unread emails) Anyhow, glad you're drawing and sketching! nancy