Friday, December 30, 2011

Today's Figure Sketch

Today's 90-second sketch is a great disappointment to me, but if I am to be honest and keep track of each day's practice, then I will share it anyway.

As you can see, I spent way too much of my time erasing. Her head is way too small, her left shoulder is wonky, her left leg has no shape and I was working on fixing the lower part of her right leg when time ran out. Ugh!!

I have to remember the positives - her torso isn't too bad and her right thigh isn't too bad either, also her right arm was coming along pretty well.

I am hoping to get time to work on more art - I should work on the barn watercolor I have put aside for weeks now. I could probably finish it up today. I also want to try to make a couple more books today. I have been planning books in my head, but haven't made them a reality yet.

I will do the treadmill later and need to do a bit of dusting and sweeping. But as they say, "the best laid plans". Who knows how this day will unfold......

As for you, I hope you are not as wishywashy as I appear to be and that you are making time for yourself and your art.



  1. Hi Vicki, yes wasn't it John Lennon who said 'Life is what happens while we're busy making other plans. " ?
    well something like that and oh so true...
    your sketch is just fine .. the more practice the better you'll be.. I should listen to myself. Sketching is something I hardly ever do..
    I just keep blank sketch books. LOL
    hugs BJ

  2. Keep going. Don't get discouraged. This is coming along fine. Try some 30 second warm up sketches of a model or several photos for about 5 minutes and let go of the fine details. You'll accomplish more and get a good feeling for how the body takes up space and what the negative shapes are. Vine charcol is great for those quick sketches and it makes great thin and thick lines.

  3. I think this is quite nice for 90 seconds. You're being too hard on yourself! hugs, nancy