Thursday, March 29, 2012

Another Busy Day

I had an appointment this morning for fasting blood work and a mammogram and when I made the appointment, I almost asked for a different location because the one I've always gone to is on the far side of town from me. Boy, am I glad I didn't change to a closer facility.

This place is so friendly and so patient oriented that it was a distinct pleasure to be there. I met a new friend there and found to my surprise that an old friend who I worked with about 25 years ago was the technician who did my mammogram. When I was done with the blood test phase, the receptionist made me a cup of hazelnut Kuerig coffee. For the small amount of waiting time, I managed to begin a couple of sketches that I decided to do in ink, so I wouldn't be tempted to erase. I am so glad that I took a sketch book with me. As you can see, I didn't have much wait time, but I did enjoy sketching......

I went to my daughter's house afterward for a cup of coffee and a walk only to find that both her girls were home and that it was too cold to walk anyway. She made a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs with mushrooms and tomatoes and a toasted bagel and then we visited. She'd been given three pairs of walking shoes by someone who got them for practically nothing at an outlet store and had me try on a pair. They fit perfectly, so now I have a new pair of shoes. I've been putting off buying a new pair for quite awhile and am now happy that I did.

I got lots of hugs and kisses from the girls and found out that a house across from my daughter had just gone back on the market, so she called and I am going to look at it later today. The hubster just raised his eyebrows when I told him because he isn't at all sure he wants to move, but I don't think it ever hurts to look.

Miss Z is coming over later today to spend the night with us and rumor has it that she is beginning to take steps by herself - I am so looking forward to spending this time with her.

For now, I need to vacuum and sweep floors and pick up a bit before I go to look at the house across the street from Miss P and Miss M. They would absolutely LOVE to have us across the street.



  1. Very nice sketches done in a short time. You did an especially nice job with the perspective on the chair! Living across the street from the girls? What fun!!! hugs, nancy

  2. I so dislike tests and things, but hey they are necessary - all the best with yours. Hope your house viewing goes well.

  3. The sketch pad is a must in the waiting room. I wish you good health and peace!

  4. Nice pages! I always bring my sketchbook for waiting, but rarely ever get the nerve to take it out!