Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Time Keeps March-ing On

March is almost a memory already and what an unusual month its been here in southern Michigan. We did get a freeze a couple of nights and so the lovely white and pink flowers on the tulip are now quite brown. I am so glad I took pictures when I did. It is a good thing that many of the flowers don't mind a freeze too much. I'm pretty sure the tulips will survive.

Yesterday the hubster and I set out early in the morning and headed for Menard's to get some mulch and boards and look at refrigerators. We then went to the daughter's house where the hubster performed magic on her gardens. He raked and edged and then placed the mulch around her flowers and plants. Meanwhile, she and I got Miss M and her friend Miss E to preschool and then we went for a walk. It was quite chilly so we didn't do as much as we usually do - maybe a mile and a half or two miles.

We went back to her house for coffee, she made her Dad some lunch and then I went out to try to help him put together an adjustable basketball system for her. What a fiasco! There were parts missing, mismatched parts, and the instructions that I had to download had the word "corrected" in pencil on them. I've got to hand it to the hubster, he stuck with it and we got a lot done by the time the girls came home from school, but it was time for us to head home. We will go back another time to try to finish it.

We got home late in the afternoon and I decided to watch some tennis that the hubster had thoughtfully recorded. I did finally put pencil to paper and attempted to sketch a couple of players. It is so hard to capture their likeness, let alone their posture, but I am trying to do some kind of sketching every day, so here is what I have.

I'm off to meet my friend, Nancy, at the exercise class this morning and then need to do a bit of housecleaning before I get to watch more tennis matches. I will try to do a bit of sketching again today.

I hope you are finding time for yourself and your creative muse today and that all is well with you.


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  1. As we talked about today, moving models are really hard to draw, but I think you did just fine with them! Miraculously, our tulips were spared this time. Lucky us!! See you Friday ... hugs, nancy