Friday, March 30, 2012

iPad is here

The email I received from Apple said my iPad3 would be arriving on April 3. Imagine my surprise and delight when FedEx pulled into my driveway shortly after I got home from exercise class this morning.

So far I've read a couple of chapters of a library book and am finding reading on this to be much nicer than trying to read on the small iPod touch.

I've also downloaded some really neat Apps and an trying them out. I will be sharing some digital art as I play with these Apps.

Meanwhile I am trying out the Blogger App and it appears to be working just fine.

Here is a photo I took through the front window.

I think the camera is quite good.

I hope you are enjoying your day and that you are finding time to play.



  1. Beachcat said

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    congrats on your new toy. go download 'draw something" its free and fun

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    Posted by Beach Cat ! to Faint Heart Art at March 30, 2012 3:59 PM

  2. I mistakenly hit delete on the above comment instead of publish.

    Sorry beachcat

  3. I've got an ipad2 and am really pleased with that. Like the photo of your front garden.

  4. oh I think you'll have fun with that! I also love the photo of your yard,