Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Exercise, Tennis and Faces Sketch

The exercise class was different yesterday. My friend, Nancy, was there with her friend, Julia; and there was some talking at the beginning (good stuff, but it lessened the actual exercise time), which seriously altered the amount of exercising to be done. I know I'd get in trouble if I said this in class, but I really wish it lasted an hour and a half. It sure was nice to work out with Nancy and Julia, though. I hope they come again. I am hoping to get to this class three times a week.

There is tennis being played in Key Biscayne, Florida, and I caught some of it yesterday. I felt so sorry for Cibulkova, who was seriously beating up on Azarenka, but ended up losing. And it was sad to see Ivanovic lose to Venus (it was great to see Venus playing again, but Ana was playing much better than I've seen her play in a long time). I didn't see the Roddick/Federer match, but was pleased to learn that Roddick won. I'd like to watch the Na Li/Sharapova today. I just wish Maria would stop with the screeching so I didn't have to turn the sound down so much. At least she is not playing a person who also screeches - the match between Maria and Victoria Azarenko earlier was sure to ruin eardrums.

While watching the tennis and during commercials I spent a bit of time sketching faces from a magazine. The man is supposed to be Dr. Oz - the face is not long and thin enough. The other two are anonymous women in ads.

I am going to Menard's later with the hubster and then walking with my daughter. We will walk Miss M to preschool and then spend about an hour in the neighborhoods around school. We usually get about 3 miles in - a good workout and so much more fun than walking the treadmill.

I am going to try to get some tennis sketching in again later today and hope to have something to share tomorrow. It feels so good to be back blogging again.

Before I get in the shower and go off for the day, I need to open Google Reader and look at all your beautiful offerings. You who reside in my Reader really enrich my life.


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  1. Here I am, catching up again! Magazine sketching is such a good exercise. Since I have no idea what Oz looks like, I think it looks just like him! I'll be xercising in the AM. hugs, nancy