Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Watercolor and Girl Tribe Art

It is expected to be in the mid-80s again today and the yard is full of color. The hubster has already mowed the lawn. He usually has to give the lawn its first cut in early April. It is such an unusual year. I just happened to have a lovely model to help me take pictures.

I also had a lovely indoor model late last week who I expect to visit again this Friday night overnight until Saturday afternoon. Perhaps she and I can get some outdoor pix as well.

Miss 9 made a little box with the hubster's help (she got to pound the nails) and now she is working to make it colorful with my acrylic paints. Here is what she has so far.

And last, and perhaps least, I have finally committed to playing more with the small square of watercolor paper. I added a line of trees (the paper was too wet, though, and so they are much more ephemeral than I wanted them to be) and then I added a bit of foreground trees (they are pretty lame, too, but I was at least playing with the paints). When the Tiger game is over (preseason baseball), I hope to begin a new watercolor and make this one a little more pleasing.

Meanwhile, I hope you are having some fun in this lovely weather and that you are finding time for your creativity and for those you love. I've been spending lots of time with my family and really enjoying them. Now if I can just commit to more creativity of my own.....



  1. Looks like you are having a great time with your family, they certainly are keeping you busy. Plus it looks like you have a future artist in the making! You have done a good job with your painting of the trees actually, I particularly like the trees in the background, makes it look as though the distance goes way back.

  2. I'm down here with the grandboys, and they are, indeed, grand! Your pix are adorable of the tribe, as always, and your watercolor is coming along nicely. Good fr your for keeping at it! hugs, nancy

  3. I actually really like your background trees. Lots of suggestion there.

  4. What beauties the g-girls are! And I think your painting looks like a great start. I love that you're using different techniques...wet in wet, wet in dry. I so often forget to use wet in wet and isn't that one of the most important in watercolor?!

  5. beautiful pictures! Looking at these makes me miss my nephews and nieces so much. Love the drawing