Friday, March 9, 2012

Posemaniacs & This and That

I am trying to get back into my routine now that I am back home and am having some difficulty. I may have to actually set myself a schedule so that I make time for art each day. I have many reference photos that I would like to try to use as starters for sketches, I am taking a free Strathmore class with Kate Johnson, and I would really like to finish up a couple of watercolor pictures that I was working on late last year.

Meanwhile, I am still trying the Posemaniacs sketches each morning. I try to do the 30-second drawing as a blind contour and then a 60-second drawing taking a bit more care and looking a bit. It is a great way to start the day even though I think some of them are downright hideous.

I still find it curious how my blind contours of people look so simian.

I had such a lovely day yesterday - I spent it with my dear friend, Nancy. We went to an antique mall in Howell and then had lunch at Ollie's (a lovely Lebanese restaurant) before browsing the Salvation Army store. When we got back to her house, we had a cup of tea and visited. It had been a long time since we'd gotten together and I really missed her. I always have such a good time when we get together, no matter how we decide to spend the time.

Baby Zoƫ is coming this evening to spend the night with us and I am so looking forward to it. She has changed so much in the past month while we were gone. She is a year old already and becoming quite the little person.

I need to go get on the treadmill and then get out my hand weights this morning. That is another routine I need to get back into. It is a beautiful, sunny day, but there is this white stuff all over the lawn. I didn't think snow was predicted for today. With the sun shining brightly the grass won't be covered for long.

I hope you are having a great day wherever you are and that you are finding time for your creativity. I look forward to visiting your blogs and plan to take the time to connect with you instead of just lurking.



  1. Very nice post today. I need inspiration as my creative juices have not been flowing. Going to contact you about on-line courses. Keep up the good work. Jan

  2. You are one of my heroes! Sketching, blogging, treadmilling, weight lifting .... holy moly, woman!!! lol Oh, and could I please have a cup of tea instead of coffee? I knew you wouldn't mind. hugs, nancy

  3. I'll take mine black, and I will even bring along some muffins to share! I did posemaniacs for awhile, then got tired of it. Try an ad for a swimsuit or some running magazines for some fun poses!

    Looking forward to some drawings of baby Zoe if she holds still long enough!


  4. It was good to see your post today. I've missed them, but I certainly understand how difficult it is to get back to an old routine after a long break. I love the fact that your Posemanias are so much darker this time around and I can see them so much better!

  5. You'll get back into it soon. Sometimes you have to let things go, but I don't think you will for long. Don't judge your posemaniac sketches yet - keep them all and after 6 months, go through them and see the growth :) Snow, yes, we are surprised each time a dusting hits and cold returns; strange winter leading into a stranger spring, I think!

  6. Glad you're getting back in the art routine. I've enjoyed scrolling down and catching up with your blog. Love the pelican sketch

  7. I've missed your posts and am glad you're back. I thought that maybe you were traveling. Thanks for the reminder of Kate Johnson's workshop....I had signed up and then forgotten about it.