Monday, March 26, 2012

Brr and Weekend Play

It is a very chilly 31º this morning and there is a windchill of 22º. I am so not ready for this. But since I knew it was coming I got my camera out and took some pictures in the yard yesterday before the freeze had a chance to ruin things.

It looks like we will be having rhubarb crisp early this year and I don't think rhubarb is afraid of a frost. Lucky thing I've been going to that exercise class (and am going again this morning), so I can enjoy my crisp without guilt.

I also got a shot of the tulip tree in all its beauty as it is very susceptible to the cold. I just love this tree and have really enjoyed it this Spring.

I also had to take a picture of the Jacob's coat. I don't know what its real name is, but I love that it produces different colors on the same plant, hence the name.

I also got some lovely pix of the Miss Z this weekend and then attempted to sketch her again.

I totally missed on the tilt of the head and therefore the placement of the eyes and the slant of the mouth, but I so love sketching her. I will just have to try again.

After sketching Zoë, I decided to play with watercolor again. I challenged myself to a throw down whereby I put some colors on paper and then added detail on top with pen. One became a cityscape and the other a landscape. I'm not totally happy with them, but I sure had a boat load of fun. Maybe I should try my hand at some boats next time to make it even more fun.

The exercise class is at 9:30 and I think I will have a bowl of cereal before I go, so I'd best get this show on the road. I hope to have more time to play this afternoon and will try to share with you tomorrow.

I'm hoping you are finding time for your creativity and must assure you that I am reading your blogs, but some days my internet connection is so slow that I sit and wait for the pictures to load and then am too frustrated to leave comments. Hopefully that will improve soon. I do so love all the blogs out there. You give me the incentive to keep at it and I really appreciate that.



  1. I love that technique of putting down color then going in with ink to shape it. I've done that on some of the pieces I've shared with EDM, though they've looked much more like ink and wash than wash and ink!

    And it's fun to keep on drawing the divine Miss Z, different every time you see her.

  2. I really like the idea of putting some colours on the paper & adding ink. I think they turned out very well.

    That little granddaughter of yours is so sweet!

    I never heard of a tulip tree. I'm going to have to look that one up on internet..

  3. Love your photos as always Vicki, and what a sweet sketch of Ms. Z! :) Love those colored drawings too

  4. I especially like the cityscape you did with the colors - very nice! Your photos have some great potential for watercolors. Save them! See you tomorrow ... this being Tuesday. hugs, nancy