Thursday, October 29, 2015

Monksgrange House Festival Tour and Myles Fenlon

Today's tour was to the Eastern slope of the Backstairs Mountains to hear the history of Monksgrange House and do a bit of a tour. The hosts, Jeremy and Rosie Hill are the current owners and residents of the house. Jeremy was charming and told the history with insight and humor. And during his recital, he mentioned that the house was saved from a burning during the uprising by none other than Myles Fenlon. I looked up the House on Google when I got home and found this:

I took some photos of the house and the gardens, but was not allowed to take pictures inside. We had a lovely day again for our explorations and I was pleased to again ride with John and Sarah.

When we left the estate John drove us to Enniscorthy for lunch. We were planning to go to a restaurant they had frequented in the past that featured Portuguese food, but it was no longer in business. So sad. Instead we went to the Riverside Hotel and had lunch in the Promenade Bar. We ordered from the sandwich menu - I had an egg salad on toasted brown bread with homemade tortilla chips and a small salad. Yummy! John and Sarah treated me. Such nice people and they live quite close to me.

When we got back to town I asked them to drop me down on the quay as I needed a walk. I went into the Driver License office to make inquiries, but there were too many people there already and the wait time was predicted to be in excess of an hour. I headed for the bridge when it began to rain. I walked home, got my library books together and took them and my umbrella to the library. I brought home four more books and have almost finished the first one. 

I'm having a quiet evening reading and listening to music. I am so pleased that for both of the tours I went on (thanks to John and Sarah) the sun was shining and the temps were lovely until we got back home and then the rain came. 

Looks like it is getting colder in Michigan these days. Time to get out the woolies and hot cocoa!


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  1. Enjoyed sharing your experiences with you.....the Fenlon connection is interesting, isn't it! Your photos are so beautiful......keep having fun😉😉