Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Today Sarah and I took the bus to Waterford. It takes about an hour to get there and cost me €13 round trip. It was spitting rain all the way there, but we didn't see a bit of rain once we arrived. Yay! We looked around in the shops and almost bought a few things, but then didn't want to carry them around with us, so we settled for looking. I did buy a new Smart Cover for my iPad mini at Argos and then realized I could have waited until I got home as we have an Argos in Wexford, but at least it fit in my handbag, so nothing extra to carry.

Waterford was settled by the Vikings and is the oldest town in Ireland. I took a few pictures around town and you will see some of the Viking influence.

After a bit of walking we realized we were starving and by then it was half twelve so we went to a cute little place with homemade food called Bistro on the Dole. I had chicken soup with vegetables and noodles and Sarah had the potato and leek soup; then we shared a modified shepherds pie (I can't have mashed potatoes, so they served the interesting meat mixture with chips (fries)). It was very tasty.

We went into a really fabulous store called Guineys that had everything from fruit to nuts at very good prices. I definitely want to go back there when we are in a car because there were lots of things I would have bought. I have up until now thought I would not buy a car here, but have now decided that I will in the future. When the house in Michigan is sold and I get my share, I will buy a small used car. I have an off the road parking spot reserved for me at my apartment place and would only use the car for going out of town, but it would surely be handy - and I may as well get used to driving on the left and shifting with my left hand. I do so like learning new things.

Here are more pictures of things that caught my eye in Waterford. I cannot wait to get Photoshop on my laptop so I can straighten and crop my photos, but that will have to wait until I go to visit Michigan in May.

I love gates and doorways

And alleys

This is a retirement home right in the pedestrian friendly part of town. What a great idea.

We didn't have time to see the museum this time, but will go back some time.

Carol Chrisinske - this one is for you!

We actually went to Waterford to go to an auction house to look over the things that are being offered on Monday next. They had some beautiful things, mostly antique furniture, paintings, and mirrors, but I don't think there was anything there that I would bid on. I think they have these auctions periodically and I would like to go check out what is on offer again some time.

We got back home on the bus about half five and stopped in Dunnes to grab a few things before walking home. I heated up a bowl of the stew I made on Monday and yesterday and had a toasted roll with it. I am in for the night. I had a nice visit with my sister, Anne, using FaceTime and caught up on what some of the family is doing for Thanksgiving Day. I talked briefly to my daughter, Dana, yesterday and she was putting up her Christmas tree with a bit of help from their little kitty. I think instead of having named him Thomas they should have called him Trouble. I was hoping to FaceTime with her girls this evening so I could see the tree.

One more photo for you

Hope you had a great day, too, and if you are in the States I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. May those of you who have a long weekend enjoy it thoroughly. For those of you who have to work in retail on Black Friday my heart goes out to you.



  1. Wish u a very happy thanksgiving Vicki!! Have a fun filled day!

    1. Thank you, Divya. Will you be making traditional American dinner? Or something else special?

  2. It was great fun catching up with you today, So pleased that your new home is everything you wished and then some!! Love your photos, such lovely architecture, I'd forgotten that the Vikings had once been a prominent force in Ireland. Can't wait to visit🤗🤗