Friday, November 20, 2015

Wexford Goings On

This is a very busy time of year here. There is no Thanksgiving to get in the way of Christmas so the shops are full of decorations and the town is beginning to look like holiday time. The one thing I am heartily thankful for is they are not playing Christmas music yet. 

It was quite a cold day here today. I walked over to the Friary where the drawing class is held because Dimitry told me that he would be there at 10 and we would be drawing a still life. It was too cold to hang out for too long. I showed up around 10 minutes before 10 and waited outside until almost quarter past; couldn't wait any longer, so went walking. It is 3ยบC right now. That is in the high 30s F. I've been out several times today wearing my Trespass jacket. It is perfect for the cold. I even wore a winter hat and gloves this evening. I took my last walk of the day just a bit ago. I was hoping to find the decorations lit up. I am almost certain that they were alight last evening when Sarah and I walked into town in the dark. I sat outside "The Yard" a restaurant and tapas bar for about 1/2 hour waiting for 6 pm to see if that was the magic time when the lights came on, but no luck. Here are a few of the pix I took.

A favorite eating place. They have great tea and goodies.

One of my frequent places to buy necessities for kitchen and gym.

Supposed to be quite a fine pub, but don't sell food, so I haven't been yet.

Lovely butcher shop.

Lights in the side entrance to "The Yard"

Shot of the icicles hanging over the street. Not lit up tonight.

And another lovely decorative element. Can't wait to shoot it when it is lit up.

I've been to the gym three days this week, but didn't walk across the bridge on Tuesday. It was raining when I went out around 10, so I stayed in until it cleared up. I did walk 4 miles that day on my own. Then walked 7.5 on Wednesday. Yesterday I didn't walk much, but met some new people and visited with Sarah. Katrina is a friend of Sarah's whose lives just up the street. She runs a b&b, sings in the choir and is quite the cook/baker from what I gather. She does catering and is planning to make batches of Christmas cakes. She also has hens. I love fowl.

She has these two Rhode Island Reds and just got a new black hen. The new one is in a cage in the house getting used to things.

Here are a couple more pix from my walk earlier in the week:

Swans in the river.

Beautiful tree in Redmond Square. I expect it will be decorated at some point.
Tomorrow in the morning I am meeting the other TidyTowns lads and going around the town putting winter plants into the planters. I noticed on my walk this evening that the planters around here have already had some advanced work on them. They are ready for planting. In the evening I am going to St Iberius' church on main street for a music concert. Katrina told me about it and it sounds like a good time. Then on Sunday I think there is a ramble scheduled in Rosslare. I'll have to call Marie and see if we are on for it. She picks me up for these things.

I am going with about 20 people from the gym to White's for a Christmas dinner on December 4. Though I won't be celebrating Christmas in my usual way, I will enjoy what Wexford has to offer as holiday outings. Sarah and I may take a bus to Waterford next week to check out some of the goods that are going to be auctioned later in the month. We will spend the day there. It should be fun.

Hope all is well in Michigan and that you don't have to be out driving if the roads get bad this weekend.



  1. Love the photos, such a pretty town, with lots of "doings" to keep you busy. We are very chilly today, just 32F at 2:00 your blog,Vicki๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€

  2. Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to the pictures when the lights are lit! It's cold a very windy here! Who knows how much snow we'll get! Maybe none! It's going to warm up a little during the week! I want to get my Christmas lights up before it gets snowy!
    Will you miss the big Thanksgiving dinner? You should at least make some stuffing!! lol!!