Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Art Collage Class

I am taking a 2-day collage class with Karen Izenberg at Hollander's in Ann Arbor. Today was the first day and I am loving it. There are six women and one man in the class. They all have very varied backgrounds and levels of experience.

I began the class by beginning backgrounds on four pieces. On the first I started with a layer of acrylic paint and then painted a glaze over it. The second piece was a pulled paper technique that I then glazed and am now placing images over that will be collaged when I am happy with the placement. I have chosen "eyes" as my theme. I have placed some eyes and words associated with eyes onto it and also cut out a pair of binoculars and made an obelisk with an eye on it. The eyes near the upper right corner are supposed to be over the eyes on the piece of torn paper. Somehow before I took the picture, I must have bumped the piece and knocked the eyes askew. I also did a venetian plaster piece and made designs in it and left it to dry. The last background I did was a "vaseline as resist" background. Today I made a transfer using Elmer's Squeeze & Caulk on another piece of board and liked how it turned out.

It was a long day and I am pooped, but looking forward to another day tomorrow.

I did not draw a face today and probably will not tomorrow either. I will resume that once I am done with the class.

Hollander's is in Kerrytown in a building that houses several shops and eateries. Today I ate at the Monahan's, a lovely fish place with lots of fresh fish, which they are happy to prepare for you in paper so that all you have to do is take it home and put it in the oven. I was "bad". I had fish & chips. I try not to eat fried food, but this was really good (and you can't always choose healthy choices). Tomorrow I am going to try the one right across from them; I am going to have a bowl of rice topped with an egg and teriyaki chicken.

Until tomorrow, don't forget to live in the moment!


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