Thursday, October 23, 2008

Expect the Unexpected Part 2

I drove into town yesterday to go to Discount Tire to have my tires rotated and balanced. However, I had three (yes, three!) bald tires. So instead of a free service that I would wait patiently for while listening to random songs on my iPod, I spent nearly $400 on tires. Yes, I have a small car and the tires are small. I suppose it could be worse. BUT, I can't help but think of how many and what kind of art supplies I could have purchased for that amount of money.

I did draw another face yesterday while the baby napped. It is not exactly like the one I used as a model, but I like how it turned out. This is modeled after a rather famous picture, a print of which is hanging in the basement bathroom of my husband's brother's house in Maple City. I don't think I captured the slant of the head quite right, but it is more practice which is just what I need. I am thinking that I may print one of these faces out (enlarging it in Photoshop first) and try to transfer it to a canvas with transfer paper so that I could make a large collaged and painted version. I really need some free time to try all the things I want to do, but that isn't happening right now, so I have to use the time I have now and be happy with what I can get done.

I also tried the Saran Wrap background technique for a swap I am involved in. I am supposed to make ten 6 x 8 pieces. I was all ready to try it last evening when I discovered I had used up all of my good watercolor paper on my 120 4 x 4s for the Fat (Obese) Book swap I was involved in earlier. I did have some 6 x 6 watercolor paper so I tried it on that just to get a sample. I just love it. For now it is my favorite background technique and it is so simple. For complete instructions and a look at some really fabulous examples visit Susan Chong's blog. She also did a stamp on hers, but it is fabulous even without that last step.


  1. I like your faces and the Saran Wrap background looks beautiful!

  2. Hi Vicki!
    Your Saran Wrap background really turned out GORGEOUS!!! WOW-WEEEE!!!!!

  3. Yours did turn out gorgeous. I love all the texture you picked up. I hope I get a piece of that!

  4. Hi Vicki!
    YES!!! I am SO anxious to get my FAT BOOK in the mail! Hee! Hee!!!!

  5. I think your faces are looking great. I am doing an online class with paulette insall and have learnt how to draw faces and we transferred them to canvas using graphite paper and are currently painting them. I thoroughly recommend her classes, I have learnt so much. Your saran wrap background looks fantastic. I too can't wait to get my fat book.

  6. Vicki, the background technique turned out great! Beautiful even without stamps, as you said.