Monday, October 20, 2008

Time Flies.....

Do you have those times in your life where suddenly you realize that it is much later in the year than it seems it should be? It is already past the middle of October and I still have the September desktop that I made in late August on my computer as my wallpaper. What's up with that?

Today is my first day off to spend in my art room in 12 days and I hardly know where to begin. I have sketched the face for the day and am quite happy with it. I think I am getting better. I know that sketching is messy, and so I have to figure out how to get the outlines of these pieces onto my canvases so that I can make them come to life with paints and collage. I am thinking I can maybe do a graphite transfer and just draw over the important lines before painting them. Guess the only way I will know if this will work is to try it. Maybe later in the week.

So far today besides drawing a face, I have done my part on the two round robin ATCs that I have to mail out tomorrow. I won't show them now in case either of the others reads my blog, but I will take pictures and show them when I know they have received them.

I have also made my ATC for a swap with the theme of "metal" and am quite happy about how it turned out. Now I just have to finish the whimsy houses, the elephants, the people, and 25 pages for a winter-themed skinny book. But before I finish those, I have to do ten 6 x 8 saran wrap techniques for a swap that is due November 6.

I have also found a good use for the "antique" box I found at a garage sale this past summer. It is a great place to store my paints, and I think I can rearrange it (take out some of the paints and add some gel medium and brushes, etc.) and just take it along when I go to play with other artists.

Meanwhile I am planning a trip to the far north (St. Ignace) for my Mom's 84th birthday next weekend. While I don't especially enjoy the drive (4 hours on the expressway), I am planning to go up on Sunday morning when most of the traffic should be on the southbound lanes. My visit will surely be pleasant with lots of cribbage, laughter, crossword puzzles, good food, and Yahtzee.

Bye for now and don't forget to live in the moment.


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